High School Students and Students with No Prior College

Apply to UW-Platteville

The University of Wisconsin System has an online application process. Go to to create an account an begin the process. You should select chemistry as your intended major. Note that you can change this later, but it is important to start in the College of Engineering, Math and Science (EMS) if you feel you want to pursue a chemistry degree.

Students Transferring with Prior College Courses

Transfer Credit in Chemistry

Many Chemistry students have transferred into the program from other institutions or taken courses at other institutions during the summer or a semester abroad. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has posted its policies on transfers:

The Admisions Office also offers a couple of links to online tools that allow you to check whether your particular courses/credits will transfer to UW-Platteville from other institutions.

  • The first link, UW System's Transfer Information, takes you to a database of all transfer credit equivalencies within the UW System, UW Colleges, and Wisconsin Technical Colleges.
  • The second link, Transfer Evaluation System, takes you to a database of equivalencies for all out of state institutions, as well as private Wisconsin colleges/universities. If the UW-Platteville campus has previously reviewed an out-of-system course for transfer credit, it should show up in this database.

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