Core Curriculum

Degree Requirements

The Broad-Field Science major requires that students complete coursework in four core sciences (biology, chemistry, earth and space science, physics) plus mathematics. Students are also required to complete either concentrations (additional coursework) in two or a minor in one of the science disciplines. The major requires that a student complete 60 total credits of science, which means that some students will take science electives beyond the core curriculum plus concentrations.

Checklist for the Major

NOTE: Even if choosing to complete a minor, you MUST complete a two-semester core sequence in at least TWO science areas.

Biology Core

either:BIOL 1150 General Biology (5 cr)   NOT suitable for a concentration in Biology
or:BIOL 1650 Unity of Life (5 cr) and BIOL 1750 Diversity of Life (5cr)

Chemistry Core

either:CHEM 1050 General Chemistry (5 cr) OR CHEM 1450 Chemistry for Engineers (5 cr)
NOT suitable for a concentration in Chemistry
or:CHEM 1140 General Chemistry I (4 cr) and CHEM 1240 General Chemistry II (4cr)

Earth and Space Science -- Astronomy Core

required:PHSC 1310 Astronomy Lab (1 cr) and PHSC 1340 Astronomy (4 cr)

Earth and Space Science -- Geoscience Core

either:GEOG 1040 Planet Earth (4 cr)   NOT suitable for a concentration in Earth and Space Sci.
or:GEOG 1240 Physical Geography: Weather & Climate (4 cr)
and either GEOL 1140 Physical Geology (4 cr) OR GEOG 1140 Physical Geography: Global Landforms (4 cr)

Physics Core

either:PHYS 1050 Principles of Physics (5 cr)   NOT suitable for a concentration in Physics
or:PHYS 1350 Introductory Physics I (5 cr) and PHYS 1450 Introductory Physics II (5cr)
NOT suitable for a concentration in Physics
or:PHYS 2240 General Physics I (4 cr) and PHYS 2340 General Physics II (4 cr)


either:Concentrations in two sciences
or:Minor in one science plus a two-semester core option in one other science

Science Electives

required:60 total science credits (may necessitate electives beyond the core + concentrations)


required:MATH 2450 Precaclulus (5 cr) OR MATH 2530 Trigonometry (3 cr)
required:MATH 1830 Statistics (3 cr) OR MATH 2640 Calculus I (4 cr)
Note: A Physics concentration requires Calculus I.

General Education Courses

To graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, all students must complete a set of General Education requirements. Students can choose from a wide selection of courses to satisfy these requirements, as outlined in the University's General Education webpage.

Optional: Teacher Certification

Many broad-field science majors pursue a career in teaching. Licensure requires that you complete coursework in the school of education. The broad-field science major along with an early adolescence education major will lead to certification in general science for middle school or junior high school. Combining broad-field science with the early adolescence/adolescence education major leads to additional certifications in the areas of concentration or the minor.