Advantages/Disadvantages of Flexible Block Scheduling:

Whenever change occurs, there is a guarantee that change is going to effect everyone who is involved. In the profession of education, altering the schedules will effect the whole community.

Along with these changes there are challenges that present themselves as advantages or disadvantages. Following are some considerations to think about when altering schedules:

Advantages :

This is only a partial list of the advantages that flexible block scheduling can have upon student learning, teacher planning time, and the relationship building among teachers, students, and administration. Inevitably, these changes will improve the school climate and provide an increasingly positive learning environment for students and an increasingly positive working environment for staff members.


Not all changes may be positive, but, hopefully, they will out-weigh the challenges that are often present with change. The underlying question we need to keep asking ourselves as educators and administrators is whether or not these changes we are implementing will benefit the student.

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