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This form was developed for use when an individual has many trips within a short period of time (Examples include recruiters and supervisors of student teachers ). Since the Web TER is trip-based, many TER's were being processed for a traveler, when one could be processed for a period of time. This would save the traveler and the travel office time in processing. This log is kept for travel over a period of time, usually a week or month and then one TER is prepared and the "Travel Log" is attached. Please Note: This form is not to be used for occasional trips. They should be submitted on separate TER's.

One other use for this travel log may be for use in documenting travel expenses of interview candidates. When an interview candidate is in Platteville for a short time and must leave after office hours, he can use the Travel Log because there is no one available to fill out the TER for him/her to sign. This Travel Log may be used by an interview candidate who must document expenses, attach receipts when required and sign the Travel Log. A TER can then be done the following day with the travel expenses from the Travel Log and a note "SEE ATTACHED" indicated where traveler signature would be. The Travel Log would be attached to the TER, it would then be signed by the appropriate supervisor and forwarded to the travel office for reimbursement.