Prior to the interview, the Request for Authorization to Reimburse Applicant for Interview Expenses for Employees in Unclassified Service form must be completed and signed by Robert Cramer, Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Services.

Next the candidate should be given a travel log to keep track of their travel expenses along with a pocket travel guide. The pocket travel guide explains what travel expenses can be reimbursed and a supply can be requested from the travel office. The log and the pocket guide should be sent to the candidate prior to the interview or could be given at the interview.

On occasion the interview candidate is taken to lunch/dinner by a member of the Search & Screen Committee (host). University policy allows reimbursement of a meal for the candidate and one host, within the meal maximums allowed in the Travel Regulations. However, any additional attendees must either pay for their own meals or request reimbursement from Foundation funds.

Once the interview is over, the interview candidate must sign the travel log, attach original receipts (not copies) and forward to the department so a Web TER can be completed.

The Web TER requires a signature for the traveler which would read "See Attached" referring to the travel log which will be attached. The Web TER lists all required documentation at the bottom (plus a copy of the Authorization to Interview must also be attached) so when it is generated and all required documentation is attached, the supervisor must sign it and it should be forwarded to the travel office for reimbursement.

One other note with regard to car rental. If it is necessary for an interview candidate to rent a car, a justification from the chairman of the Search and Screen Committee must be submitted with the Web TER and any personal travel cannot be reimbursed. The traveler may get state rates from our contract Vendors--Enterprise (Wisconsin) and National (out-of-state travel) because they will extend these rates to non-employees doing business with the University. However, the reservations for car rental must be made by a UW employee using the applicable booking codes. These rental charges should not be billed to the University but should be directly billed and paid by the non-employee.