Registrations for conferences, seminars, conventions etc. may be sent to Jean Bradley, Financial Services or can be paid with a purchasing card. If not processing a registration by p-card, the following information must be submitted to the GL Office. If all documentation is submitted, the processing of the registration can be expedited.

  1. A Requisition Form must be submitted for the registration.
  2. A completed Registration Form (this should include the name(s) of attendee(s), the vendor and remittance address and the amount) should be attached to the requisition. If registering online, please fill out the form and print it, but do not send. Send this information to financial services with your requisition and they will go online and fill in the registration, inserting a UWP credit card number if applicable. This credit card is used exclusively for registrations and speeds up processing considerably.
  3. A brochure showing the title, date, location and details about what is covered in the registration fee (example: meals, lodging, etc.) should also be attached. Please include a meeting agenda whenever possible. If all this information is given on the registration form, the brochure isn't necessary.

If using a P-card to pay for registrations, you will need to have the same documentation above with the exception of a requisition when your P-card bill is submitted to Purchasing.