According to the guidelines set forth in UW-System Financial Policy and Procedure Paper #19, it is allowable to pay moving expenses in certain situations for new and presently employed personnel assigned to new locations by transfer or promotion. This Policy Paper states specific requirements that must be met in order for reimbursement to be allowed. If a search and screen committee is formed to fill a position in which moving expenses may be reimbursed, there are specific guidelines which must be followed before offering an appointee reimbursement.

The FPPP #19 guidelines are incorporated in a set of procedures drafted by the travel office. In order to reimburse moving expenses for new employees (usually only for the positions at the Dean's level or higher), the following procedures must be followed:

It is hoped that this will help all parties involved be informed about rules governing the reimbursement of moving expenses before the process of interviewing begins. If you have any questions please contact Jeanette Bradley at (608) 342-1346 or email her at