The purpose of the SUFAC Travel Advance Fund is to provide travel funds for student groups which receive SUFAC funding. To request funds please use the request form which is labeled University of Wisconsin Contingent Fund Request. The advance may be made only to a permanent faculty/staff member. The check may not be made payable to a student. The faculty/staff member is held personally accountable for these funds. Please be sure all the information is provided on the form and provide at least 7 days lead time for the request. Remember travel for advisors cannot be funded through SUFAC.

In order to estimate the dollar amount of the request, remember that student travel is limited to the maximums established by SUFAC. Travel Guidelines for SUFAC lists the current maximums and guidelines. Please pay careful attention to the requirements that you must meet for the departure and return times of your trip to qualify for reimbursement.

To account for funds allocated to students for meals, please use a Statement of Meal Expenses Form (PDF Format).

When this form is used for student travel, it is not necessary to obtain receipts for meals. Please note the area in the upper left on the form. This is the total amount of money that each individual was given for meals for the entire trip. For example if a student group is gone for 3 days and meets the time requirement for full reimbursement, the dollar amount you would have in the blank space would be $48.00 ($16/day x 3). That is the amount that each individual received for the entire trip. If faculty/staff person(s) accompanies that group they must also sign the statement. Please remember that each individual receiving money for meals must personally sign this form and there may be no alterations to the dollar amount received (you may not write over, cross out, or white out the dollar amount). If the form has been altered it will not be accepted and the faculty/staff member will be held responsible for the money advanced.

All other expenses to be reimbursed must be documented by original receipts, unless it is an incidental expense under $5.00. An acceptable receipt should include: name or payer and payee, location, date, dollar amount, and specific description of service or item purchased.

Within 7 days of your return a Travel Expense Report must be submitted. This form is automatically calculated and will generate a TER which will either refund or indicate the amount that should be returned to the University. All instructions for the TER may be accessed by clicking on the title of each category. Please submit your TER to the Travel Office, 2207 Ullsvik.

Travel Advance Instructions Checklist:

  1. Fill out a travel advance request form for amount estimated for trip
  2. Submit travel request to travel office (7 days before trip)
  3. Fill out Statement of Meal Expenses
  4. Upon return fill out Travel Expense Report within 7 days of return