Anyone considering car rental while on University business must understand that even though traveling for a period of time, if there is access to shuttle service that would be less expensive than car rental, that form of transportation should be used. Any traveling done other than to and from the airport, to the conference site, or any other travel specifically related to the University is all that can be reimbursed. Any personal travel is the expense of the traveler.

Currently we have car rental contracts with Enterprise, Hertz, and National. When reserving a vehicle for University travel, be sure to give the "University Booking Code" (found in the Traveler's Reference Guide link on UW-P Travel Page). If a contract vendor is not used, the reimbursement will be at the contract rate or actual cost, whichever is less.

In the event it's necessary to rent from a non-contract vendor that doesn't provide insurance, collision insurance must be purchased. Insurance coverage is automatically included when the US Bank Corporate Travel Card (issued through the University) is used to pay for a rental car.

When considering the use of a rental vehicle in a foreign country, review the information provided on the UW System travel page regarding insurance coverage.

A detailed memo should be generated showing that a comparison was in fact done and that car rental instead of public transportation resulted in a cost savings to the University. This must be attached to a Travel Expense Report.