To: University Faculty and Staff

From: Stephen P. Zielke

Date: July 16, 1993

Subj: On-Campus Mail

Attached please find the policies and guidelines that have been developed for the university's on-campus mail service. The service is intended only for official university business. We asked your cooperation in using the service for official business only. Please notify l.T.E. And student employees of the policies and guidelines.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning on-campus mail service. Thank you for your cooperation.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville
On-Campus Mail Policy

The university of wisconsin-platteville operates an on-campus mail delivery service for use by its offices, departments, and recognized campus organizations. The following guidelines and policies will direct the on-campus mail delivery service.

Who can use the on-campus mail service:

The on-campus mail service is available for use by all university of wisconsin-platteville offices, departments, and recognized campus organizations. Organizations of which the university is a member may request the use of the service. Organizations not directly associated with the university of wisconsin-platteville are not eligible to use the service.

Types of mail that may be sent through on-campus mail service:

Only mail that is for official university business may be processed through on-campus mail. All other mail must be processed through the united states postal service.

Examples of mail that may not be processed through the on-campus mail service:

Examples of mail that may not be processed through the on-campus mail service are: personal mail, political and/or campaign materials, announcements of non-university events, chain letters, solicitations, contribution, etc.


Personal mail with postage applied may be mailed through on-campus mail.

Other exceptions to the policy may only be granted by the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville or an appropriate state agency.