Budget Transfer Guidelines

You cannot:
  1. Move Budget from one Fund/Appropriation to another - for example Fund 102 to Fund 128.
  2. Move budget into or out of salaries in Fund 102
  3. Move capital to supplies unless a valid Capital purchase has been deemed a supply expense by Accounts Payable.
  4. Move Work Study budget to Regular Student budget without an offsetting entry such as within a College. (Work Study allocations are tied to Federal allocations).
You can:
  1. Move travel allocation to supplies or vice versa. (These are recognized as one budget class by the Department of Administration - DOA).
  2. Move expenditures from one account or Fund/Appropriation to another as long as the expense is valid and appropriate. (This relieves the above restriction on Budget movement between Funds. You can accomplish your task by moving expenses.)
As a reminder:

The budget category Capital Supplies, class code 3516, was created to post approved capital purchases that are deemed a supply item according to State guidelines. No other item should appear in this category.

If you need assistance in anyway, please call 342-1174.