Section: Budget Assessment and Implementation Initiative

Budget Assessment and Implementation Initiative

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A Message from the Chancellor

As another academic year has come to a close, we can reflect back on the great achievements we have accomplished together as a Platteville family. Although this year marked some big successes, such as the enrollment of the largest freshman class in our history, much opportunity lays ahead as we think and work towards reaching our strategic plan priorities: providing an outstanding education, fostering a community of achievement and respect, controlling our own destiny, and enriching the tri-states.

As part of the control our own destiny priority, we have tasked ourselves with creating, managing, and investing in our financial, human, and physical resources to support the mission of our university. To do so, we need to think through opportunities to generate and align financial resources with our strategic plan. The first big step in doing this begins with the evaluation of our current budget process with the intent of identifying and adopting a new model that is best fit for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Back in May, we concluded a competitive bid process that asked industry experts for their perspectives, approach, and experience with the facilitation and implementation of resource allocation models. As a result of our evaluations, we have decided to partner with Huron Consulting Group.  Huron has helped design budgeting and financial planning models at over 30 higher education institutions and they have a legacy of successful partnerships with our campus and other University of Wisconsin campuses. To illustrate their extent of experience, Huron is currently working with Auburn University, Drexel University, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the University of North Dakota on similar budget redesign initiatives.

Huron’s research tells us that institution’s undertaking initiatives of this magnitude should anticipate a two and a half year effort to allow for broad campus engagement and the development of a customized allocation model. During the first six to eight weeks, Huron plans to engage various campus representatives to evaluate the current state of resource allocation and to begin educating our campus community on the different resource allocation models being used across higher education. As a result of this collaborative process, Huron will help us develop a detailed work plan which will take us through implementation.

I am excited about this important initiative and ask for your support and engagement as we seek to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of our current model, and we work towards becoming more intentional in the allocation of resources to meet strategic goals.

Dennis J. Shields,

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