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Named after J. C. Brockert and built in 1967, Brockert Hall provides accommodations for 180 men and 85 women and is located in the Circle. A very popular hall among first year students, Brockert Hall is ideally located close to the disk golf course,  outdoor basketball courts, softball fields, and Memorial Park. Brockert provides and close community atmosphere and is very active in Homecoming.  One of the traditional programs hosted by Brockert Hall each spring is the Circle egg hunt in which the grassy area between the circle halls is covered in plastic eggs and filled with candy and prizes.  The study lounges and the main lobby of Brockert were updated in the spring of 2012.  The Karen Cushman Multifunction Room is utilized by the Hall Council and outside organizations and provides and nice space for students and staff to utilize for large activities and events.

From the Desk of the Resident Director

IT'S SEPTEMBER!!!! Do you know what that means?! 

Welcome new students to Brockert Hall and UW-Platteville and of course welcome back returners! I bet you can't wait until the first days of classes. Want to remind you of some important and very helpful people in the building – your RA’s! The Resident Assistants are here to help your transition to college through fun and educational programming, bulletin boards, and other resources on campus. Keeping that in mind, don’t be afraid to meet them, chat with them, or ask them for assistance.

Get Involved: Whether you are returning to the building or are new this fall, there are plenty of ways to get involved and meet other Brockert residents, such as at our weekly Hall Council meetings. Hall Council provides a number of great opportunities for you such as learning about the events that will be taking place across campus and in Brockert Hall, voicing your opinion on issues pertaining to the Hall, and meeting other residents in the building.

If you have any interest in getting involved in other activities on campus or maybe aspire to one day be a Resident Assistant, getting involved in Hall Council is a great place to start. We will be meeting every Wednesday night at 9:05pm in the basement KCMR. At the beginning of the school year we will be holding elections for our open Leadership Team positions (Co-Chair, Secretary, and 2 RHA Reps), and you could potentially take one of those leadership roles. 

You could also get involved with our Creative Expressions Interest Community. We do lots of fun projects throughout the year. Check out the video to the right!

Stay Connected: Since I know you want to know more about Brockert Hall and be up to date with what’s happening, feel free to head over to our Facebook page. There you will find pictures of various events from the year.

Welcome Weekend: Lastly, to get you plugged in right away, we have so many activities for you during Move in Weekend. Things like the first home football game of the year. Things like free movies, bowling, and Pizza Palooza. Things like Bridgefest with a mechanical bull or Glow Campus (iEXPERIA). Check out the whole schedule and details here.

If you ever have questions throughout the school year, don't be afraid to talk to your RA. That's what they're here for! Let's make this a great year!

Can’t wait to meet you throughout the course of the semester. Feel free to stop by my office to say hello and enjoy a Lifesaver!

Stay classy and remember,


Savion Kirk
Brockert Hall Resident Director

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