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Named after J. C. Brockert and built in 1967, Brockert Hall provides accommodations for 180 men and 85 women and is located in the Circle. A very popular hall among first year students, Brockert Hall is ideally located close to the disk golf course,  outdoor basketball courts, softball fields, and Memorial Park. Brockert provides and close community atmosphere and is very active in Homecoming.  One of the traditional programs hosted by Brockert Hall each spring is the Circle egg hunt in which the grassy area between the circle halls is covered in plastic eggs and filled with candy and prizes.  The study lounges and the main lobby of Brockert were updated in the spring of 2012.  The Karen Cushman Multifunction Room is utilized by the Hall Council and outside organizations and provides and nice space for students and staff to utilize for large activities and events.

Savion Kirk

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Hey Hey Brockert Hall!

Woah, it’s May! The semester is almost over and Brockert will be closing before you know it. Please be sure to read through the following reminders to ensure a successful last couple weeks and make your move-out as easy as possible!

Closing Information: Your RA should have had a closing wing meeting with you to tell you what you need to do in order to leave.  New this year, we are leaving the beds unbunked!  Please make sure to look at the diagram provided on the closing information bulletin boards.  You will also be receiving a checklist of things you need to do prior to leaving.  This checklist will be taped to your door.  Please leave it where it is taped as staff utilizes that form when they do checkouts.

Finals:  Finals are almost here!  Make sure you take the necessary time to study hard!  Best of luck to all of you as you take your finals!

Loft ReturnLoft Return for Brockert Hall will be on Thursday, May 5th from 9:00AM-4:00PM.  Please bring your loft to the Morrow Parking Lot (#20) during that time.

Summer Storage: Once again, we are offering an option for students to store their things this summer. You can store your things right in your Fall 2016 room so it is already there and ready for you upon move in. Items will need to be boxed up and placed on the bed or in the closet. More information as well as the contract may be found here. Signed contracts are due to the Residence Life office in Royce Hall by Friday, May 6th.

Summer Housing: If you are planning on staying in Platteville this summer and are looking for a place to live, you can always stay right on campus in Southwest Hall! Southwest Hall will be open for summer residents to rent out a space on a weekly basis. This is a great option for residents planning on staying just a short time or all summer long. Staying in Southwest lessens the hassle of having to move. Check out the Residence Life website for more information!

Welcome Crew:  Will you be returning to the halls next year?  Interested in being a part of Welcome Crew?  There are applications at the front desk and in your email.  Please fill that out and either give to RD Savion when he's in his office, or give to the front desk, and they will put it in his mailbox.  You may also slide it under RD Savion's office door.  This is a great opportunity to meet students and welcome them to the hall in August!

Opening:  Brockert Hall will reopen on September 3rd for new students (freshmen and transfer students), and September 4th for returning students.  If you are a returning student and wish to arrive on September 3rd, a small charge may apply for moving in early.  More information will come out toward the end of the summer.

Thank you:  On behalf of the staff of Brockert Hall, we thank you for a great year in the building.  We hope that this year has been filled with memories that will last you a lifetime and look forward to seeing you again in the fall!

Stay classy and remember,


Savion Kirk
Brockert Hall Resident Director

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