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Welcome to Brockert Hall

Named after J. C. Brockert and built in 1967, Brockert Hall provides accommodations for 180 men and 85 women and is located in the Circle. A very popular hall among first year students, Brockert Hall is ideally located close to the disk golf course,  outdoor basketball courts, softball fields, and Memorial Park. Brockert provides and close community atmosphere and is very active in Homecoming.  One of the traditional programs hosted by Brockert Hall each spring is the Circle egg hunt in which the grassy area between the circle halls is covered in plastic eggs and filled with candy and prizes.  The study lounges and the main lobby of Brockert were updated in the spring of 2012.  The Karen Cushman Multifunction Room is utilized by the Hall Council and outside organizations and provides and nice space for students and staff to utilize for large activities and events.

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Hello Brockert!

    April break is this weekend!! This begins Thursday April 2nd, and the halls lock at 6pm. The halls will re-open on Sunday April 5th at 5pm. Students are able to stay in the buildings during this break, but you do need to sign up to stay. There is a sign-up sheet at the front desk you must sign up to stay even one night. While you may be at home, as a reminder if you have a loft and took your bed ends home, those will need to be returned before you can check out at the end of the year. This is a good time to do some spring cleaning to get your room organized as well as take belongings that are not being used either home or donate them. The RA staff is assisting in the Circle K clothing drive; there is a box in the lobby for clothes.

Registration for Fall 2015 classes will be this month, specifically April 7th -24th.  If you have not scheduled to meet with your advisor, you should do so soon!  This is a busy time of year and the sooner you are able to schedule the meeting, the better.  If you have a hold on your account you will want to get that addressed before your registration date as it will stop you from being able to register. If you have questions about registration feel free to talk to your RA.

One April Friday Night Club you don’t want to miss is the “formal” dance that will make you want to grab your dress clothes and dancing shoes.  Mark your calendar for Friday, April 17th from 9pm-11pm in Velzy Commons.  Wear whatever you have, that old prom outfit or hit up the thrift shop!  We hope that you are able to attend!

Have you heard about the Summer Storage Program?  If you are returning to campus next year, this may be of interest to you! By clicking on the hyperlink, scroll down until you see ‘Summer Storage’ listed on the right hand side of the page. Each hall is there for you to apply to the hall you will be living in this fall.

If you have a concern, or just wish to chat, stop by my office. Until then, enjoy the warmer weather!

Savion Kirk
Brockert Hall Resident Director

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