Broad Field Science

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The Broad-field science Major

The broad-field science major at UW-Platteville is an interdepartmental major designed to provide a broad perspective of the foundations of science and technology. It is most appropriate for those wishing to teach general science at the junior high/middle school level or science at the high school level. The broad-field science major along with an early adolescence education major will lead to certification in general science for middle school/junior high school. Combined with the early adolescence/adolescence education major, the broad-field science major will lead to additional certifications in the areas of concentration or the minor.

program requirements

Minimum requirements for the broad-field science major at UW-Platteville include

  • A foundation of required courses from each of the four science areas: biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics
  • An approved concentration in two of the science areas or an approved minor in one of the areas
  • A prescribed mathematics sequence

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