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Opened in Fall of 2013, Bridgeway Commons is home to approximately 440 students. Students in Bridgeway Commons live in two-bedroom suites where four people share a bathroom and shower.  Bridgeway Commons is home to the campus' all you care to eat dining facility, located on the lower level. Residents enjoy numerous amenities throughout the building which include high speed internet access in every bedroom and elevator access to all floor levels. The entire building is air conditioned and each suite is fully furnished. Each of the floors has a kitchen, lounge and laundry facilities. Other public areas include the main desk, mailroom, lobby areas, multipurpose rooms, recreation room, Jamba Juice and fireplace. Bridgeway Commons also hosts the Healthy Living Interest Community, with programming toward personal wellness. Bridgeway Commons remains open during the official academic year and breaks. 


Hello Bridgeway Commons!

Here are few things I wanted to make sure you took note of this fabulous month of March!


  • ALL residents reserving a hall space for 2017-18 will have an academic year contract.  Students are ONLY released at semester for the following reasons: internship, co-op, graduation, study abroad, or military service.
  • Students will need to have $150 prepayment at the time of sign-up, via either online credit card payment or check made out to the UW-Platteville Department of Residence Life.
  • Online sign up is available at
  • March 9: Room assignment email sent to returning students

In other news, we will be celebrating the kick off to Women’s History Month in March with some excellent events.  These events include:
Wednesday, March 1, 2017

  • Sex in the Dark – An educational discussion between peers, focused on what people want, how to ask questions of your partner and other topics.  The whole conversations takes place in the dark.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

  • Thirsty Thursday – is a twist on the average night of activities, with painting, music, Henna and fun. There will be sparkling cider available.

Spring Break is just around the corner on March 10, 2017! We are open for folks who are current residents to stay in Bridgeway over break. Please sign up online here.

If you are going home over break a tip to help you prepare for the end of the year is start taking things home now. Bring back some totes or containers to pack items you are no longer using. Every little bit helps and you will prevent stress at the end of the year by planning ahead.

If you didn’t know tutoring services are now free to all students, so you if you are struggling in a class and need some extra help, feel free to contact Academic Support Programs office for help. They also have a many other tools available.

Please check our Facebook page for summer job opportunities and summer housing. We will also be posting information about summer storage options when they are available.

As you can see we are very excited for spring semester and all the joy of spring! One addition to the lobby you may have noticed is a large blue bucket.  If you see someone do a nice thing for someone else or someone does something nice for you, stop by the desk and ask for a water drop.  On the drop, please write what this person did and how grateful you are.  Feel free to use names only first names or no name at all. The desk clerk will hang it in the bucket for you.

Rebecca Groves M. S. Ed.
Bridgeway Commons Resident Director

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