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Opened in Fall of 2013, Bridgeway Commons is home to approximately 440 students. Students in Bridgeway Commons live in two-bedroom suites where four people share a bathroom and shower.  Bridgeway Commons is home to the campus' all you care to eat dining facility, located on the lower level. Residents enjoy numerous amenities throughout the building which include high speed internet access in every bedroom and elevator access to all floor levels. The entire building is air conditioned and each suite is fully furnished. Each of the floors has a kitchen, lounge and laundry facilities. Other public areas include the main desk, mailroom, lobby areas, multipurpose rooms, recreation room, Jamba Juice and fireplace. Bridgeway Commons also hosts the Healthy Living Interest Community, with programming toward personal wellness. Bridgeway Commons remains open during the official academic year and breaks. 


Hello Autumn!
What a fun and exciting month ahead! There are so many things happening between Homecoming and Fall Break you won’t be short on things to do or fun to be had!

Friday Night Clubs are fun and FREE! Here is the lineup for October:
October 7 A Corny Evening (with Bonfire): McGregor/Cooper/Rountree
October 14 Homecoming
October  21 Fall Break
October  28 Pancake Breakfast: Hugunin

Fall Break is October 21st, which means no class on that Friday! The hall is open, so feel free to stay or go.  Often students use this time to catch up on schoolwork, sleep, do something fun or work extra hours at a job. Please know whatever you choose to do we hope you have a safe and fun time.

Have you checked your syllabi for exams? More specifically mid-terms? This is not something you want to put off and think about later.  Studying 15 minutes each day for each class will pay off for big cumulative tests as well as help keep the information present in your brain.  You will be able to build on the information for each class more effectively as well. If you need more help with how to make strategies work for you here is a great place to start.

UW-Platteville’s Reaffirmation of Accreditation:
UW-Platteville partners with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), an independent agency that makes sure we are meeting our students’ needs, achieving our mission, and continuously improving in all of these efforts. Every 10 years, the university undergoes a comprehensive evaluation to reaffirm this accreditation—this is our year! As a part of this process, a team of HLC peer reviewers will be visiting campus Oct. 24-25.
We hope that everyone, including students, takes an opportunity to engage in this process. When the review team is on campus, they will take opportunities to talk to students informally, as well as hold an open forum for students. This is your chance for your voice to be heard and to share your experiences at UW-Platteville!
Stay tuned for communication coming in the next week with the open forum times. For more information, visit 

There are two awesome events coming up at the end of the month for all of you who love Halloween! Dobson Hall hosts Trick – or – Treating for local children to have a safe, not scary and warm experience. If you want to volunteer, they will be looking for students to hang out and play with the kids as well as walk them around the hall to get candy.  Feel free to dress up, just make sure you are not scary!

If scary is your thing, Pickard Hall hosts Fright Fest every year.  This is a chance for you to experience a hunted wooded area behind the hall and have yourself a scary good time! The hall also looks for volunteers to help, be a tour guide or hang out.  This is also a costume friendly event – the scarier the better!  

Safety Tip of the Month: Be an active bystander. There are various ways to intervene and provide assistance to others. Intervention can be as simple as saying hi to a person that seems to be in an uncomfortable situation. Not all intervention requires you to make contact with a potential perpetrator. A simple hello or acting like you haven’t seen a person in a long time, can break up the situation and allow an individual to leave. Most importantly, don’t assume that someone else will take care of it.

Happy Harvest & Halloween!

Rebecca Groves M. S. Ed.
Bridgeway Commons Resident Director

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