Secondary Education

Teaching is a truly rewarding profession. It is also a profession that comes with significant responsibility. The act of educating the next generation is one to be taken with seriousness. For science teachers in particular, the importance of accurately educating students on the process of science simply cannot be overstated. If you are passionate about biology, if you enjoy sharing your passion with others, you should consider teaching as a career.

Biology core courses (32 credits)

Biology core courses

Secondary Education Emphasis Core (12 or 16 cr)

BIOL 2040 Cell Biology 4 cr
BIOL 3240 Microbiology 4 cr
BIOL 2340 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (recommended) 4 cr 
BIOL 2140 Anatomy and Physiology I 4 cr AND
BIOL 2240 Anatomy and Physiology II 4 cr

An advanced plant course (3 cr below)

BIOL 2130 Plants and Society 3 cr
BIOL 2450 Fungi, Algae and Bryophytes 4 cr
BIOL 3550 Morphology and Evolution of Vascular Plants 4 cr
BIOL 3640 Plant Systematics 4 cr
BIOL 3650 Plant Communities of Wisconsin 4 cr
BIOL 4150 Forensic Botany 4 cr
BIOL 4530 Plant Pathology 3 cr
AGSCI 3210 Identification of Landscape Plants 3 cr
AGSCI 4340 Plant Physiology 4 cr
    An approved field station course VAR

An advanced animal course (3 cr below)

BIOL 2640 Invertebrate Zoology 4 cr
BIOL 3030 Ornithology 3 cr
BIOL 3040 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates 4 cr
BIOL 3340 Entomology 4 cr
BIOL 3230 Mammalogy 3 cr
BIOL 3660 Animal Communities of Wisconsin 3 cr
BIOL 4130 Mammalian Endocrinology 3 cr
BIOL 4240 Advanced Physiology 4 cr
BIOL 4340 Mammalian Histology 4 cr
    An approved field station course VAR

An advanced broad-based biology course (2 cr or more below)

BIOL 3460 Ecological Methods and Research 3 cr
BIOL 3530 Biotechnology 3 cr
BIOL 3750 Freshwater Biology 3 cr
BIOL 4040 Molecular Biology 5 cr
BIOL 4410 Topics in Biology* VAR
BIOL 4710 Selected Regional Habitats VAR
BIOL 4920 Independent Research in Biology* VAR

*Approval required

Additional Licensable Program (Required)

Biology-secondary education majors are required to earn an additional licensable degree. Although students are free to select any licensable major or minor offered at UW-Platteville, the biology department encourages students to pursue a science-related program to improve marketability. To this end, students may choose to minor in physics, chemistry, or environmental science or double major in chemistry or broad field science.

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