Our understanding of processes occurring at the cellular and sub-cellular levels has led to a multitude of biological advances, with new developments occurring daily. To put it simply, molecular biology and the world of genetics have had profound effects on how we all live life on Earth in every conceivable way. If being a part of this cutting edge branch of biology is appealing to you, then you should consider the molecular/genetics emphasis.

Biology core courses (32 credits)

 Biology core courses

Molecular/Genetics Core Courses (13 cr)

BIOL 2040 Cell Biology 4 cr
BIOL 3240 Microbiology 4 cr
BIOL 4040 Molecular Biology 5 cr

Advanced Molecular/Genetics Courses (select 8 cr below)

BIOL 2140 Anatomy and Physiology I 4 cr
BIOL 2240 Anatomy and Physiology II 4 cr
BIOL 2340 Essentials in Anatomy and Physiology 4 cr
BIOL 3040 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates 4 cr
BIOL 3120 Animal Tissue Culture 2 cr
BIOL 3530 Biotechnology 3 cr
BIOL 3620 Immunology 2 cr
BIOL 4130 Mammalian Endocrinology 3 cr
BIOL 4150 Forensic Botany 4 cr
BIOL 4240 Advanced Physiology 4 cr
BIOl 4340 Mammalian Histology 4 cr
BIOL 4530 Plant Pathology 3 cr
BIOL 4520 Biotechnology Seminar 2 cr
AGSCI 3220 Plant Development and Biotechnology 3 cr
AGSCI 4240 Plant Breeding Principles 3 cr
AGSCI 4340 Plant Physiology 3 c


CHEM 3510 Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1 cr
CHEM 3540 Organic Chemistry Lecture 4 cr
CHEM 4610 General Biochemistry Laboratory 1 cr
CHEM 4630 General Biochemistry Lecture 3 cr

In addition to all of the above, students may select any biology course above 2000-level to fulfill the remaining 3-4 cr of requirements necessary for this emphasis.

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