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To borrow a well-worn phrase: the world is green. It should not be surprising then that job opportunities in the broad field of botany are diverse and many. Botanists can work as plant pathologists, park rangers, or as field botanists or extension agents, to name just a few possibilities. This emphasis provides students with a broad background in botany, and yet also offers the flexibility to be tailored to suit specific interests and career goals.

Students pursuing the comprehensive biology major with a botany emphasis must complete all biology core courses, in addition to the requirements listed below.

One of the following (4 cr)

BIOL 2040 Cell Biology 4 cr OR
BIOL 3240 Microbiology 4 cr

Advanced Plant-based Courses (14 cr, at least 4 courses)

BIOL 2130 Plants and Society 3 cr
BIOL 2450 Fungi, Algae and Bryophytes 4 cr
BIOL 3550 Morphology and Evolution of Vascular Plants 4 cr
BIOL 3650 Plant Communities of Wisconsin 4 cr
BIOL 4150 Forensic Botany 4 cr
BIOL 4530 Plant Pathology 3 cr
BIOL 4920 Independent Research in Biology (with approval) 1-3 cr
AGSCI 3210 Identification of Landscape Plants 3 cr
AGSCI 3220 Plant Development and Biotechnology 3 cr
AGSCI 4240 Plant Breeding Principles 3 cr
AGSCI 4340 Plant Physiology 3 cr
    Approved Field Station Courses Var

Broad-based biology course(s) (3 cr minimum)

BIOL 2040 Cell Biology 4 cr
BIOL 3240 Microbiology 4 cr
BIOL 3460 Ecological Methods and Research 3 cr
BIOL 3530 Biotechnology 2 cr
BIOL 3750 Freshwater Biology 3 cr
BIOL 4040 Molecular Biology 5 cr
BIOL 4520 Biotechnology Seminar 2 cr
BIOL 4410 Topics in Biology (with approval) Var
BIOL 4710 Selected Regional Habitats Var
    Approved Field Station Course Var

Supporting Courses (8 cr minimum)

CHEM 3510 Organic Chemistry Lab 1 cr
CHEM 3540 Organic Chemistry Lecture 4 cr
CHEM 4610 General Biochemistry Lab 1 cr
CHEM 4630 General Biochemistry Lecture 3 cr
AGSCI 2230 Soils 3 cr
AGSCI 2280 Woody Landscape Plants 3 cr
AGSCI 3240 Herbaceous Plants 2 cr
AGSCI 4250 Weed Science 3 cr
AGSCI 4350 Soil and Water Conservation 3 cr
ENERGY 2130 Energy, Environment and Society 3 cr
GEOL 1140 Physical Geology 4 cr
GEOL 1240 Historical Geology 4 cr
GEOL 2330 History of Life 3 cr
GEOG 1040 Planet Earth 4 cr
GEOG 1240 Weather and Climate 4 cr
GEOG 3230 Intro to GIS 4 cr
GEOG 3330 Environmental Conservation 3 cr
GEOG 3340 Biogeography 4 cr


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