Biology Major

Any student (new college student, external or internal transfer student) may declare a biology major (non-emphasis) upon entering the program. Students who have specific biology interests, plan on a particular biology career, or those who plan to enter a graduate or professional school generally pursue the comprehensive biology major with an area emphasis, thereby focusing their educational experiences. Students who seek a wider range of biology experiences than defined by an emphasis area may elect to not choose an emphasis area, and instead create their own set of electives that better align with their current or future interests.

Biology Major (non-emphasis) Requirements (45 cr)

Students pursuing the biology major (non-emphasis) must complete all biology core courses, in addition to the requirements listed below.

Biology core courses (32 credits)

Biology core courses

Two of the following courses (select 7 or 8 cr)

BIOL 2040 Cell Biology 4 cr
BIOL 3240 Microbiology 4 cr
BIOL 3460 Ecological Methods and Research 3 cr

7-8 credits above 2000 level

Students must select biology courses totaling 7-8 credits from courses above the 2000 level (except BIOL 4010 Workshop or BIOL 4660) to complete the biology major (non-emphasis).

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