Biology Core Courses

All students majoring in biology are required to complete the following core courses (or their equivalents for transfer students), regardless of whether pursuing the biology major (non-emphasis) or the comprehensive biology major (with emphasis).  Students may select an emphasis and pursue a comprehensive biology major only after earning a C- or better in the following foundational courses (or their equivalents): BIOLOGY 1020, BIOLOGY 1650, and BIOLOGY 1750.

REQUIRED Foundation COURSES (20 CR):

BIOL 1020 BioQuest:  Foundations for College Success 1 cr
BIOL 1650 Unity of Life 5 cr
BIOL 1750 Diversity of Life 5 cr
BIOL 2420 Fundamentals of Biological Investigations (FBI) 3 cr
BIOL 3330 Genetics 3 cr
BIOL 3450 Ecology and Evolution 3 cr


BIOL 4970 Senior Thesis 1 cr or
BIOL 4990 From Atoms to Ecosystems 1 cr


CHEM 1140 General Chemistry I 4 cr
CHEM 1240 General Chemistry II 4 cr
MATH 1830 Elementary Statistics 3 cr

A grade of “C” or higher is required in all biology courses that are counted towards a major in biology.  A grade of “C” or higher also is required in English 1130 and 1230, Chemistry 1140 and 1240, and Math 1830.

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