2nd Period Play-by-Play

  UW-Stout vs. UW-Platteville
  Date: Nov 02, 2013 • Site: Platteville, Wis.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
[89:14]  Shot by STOUT Jenna Kizlik HIGH.
 Foul on UW-Platteville.
 Foul on UW-Platteville.
[87:18]  UWP substitution: Taylor Stanley for Katie Viney.
[84:48]  UWP substitution: Cassie Blatz for Yamilex Jaramillo.
[83:13]  UWP substitution: Katie Rogers for Katelyn Winther.
[80:08]  STOUT substitution: Christina Block for Camille Fawcett.
[80:08]  STOUT substitution: Alix Hyduke for Addy Maher.
[78:50]  Shot by UWP Ashley Chernich WIDE.
 Corner kick by UWP Ashley Chernich [78:02].
[76:22]  STOUT substitution: Jamie Whitlinger for Emily Ferger.
[76:22]  STOUT substitution: Kelly Conn for Emma DeRubeis.
[75:15]  STOUT substitution: Lauren Kizlik for Christina Block.
[75:15]  UWP substitution: Emily Ryan for Taylor Stanley.
[75:15]  STOUT substitution: Whitney Solomon for Lindsey Concon.
[74:01]  Shot by UWP Yamilex Jaramillo WIDE.
[72:45]  Shot by UWP Katie Viney BLOCKED.
[70:59]  STOUT substitution: Lindsey Concon for Sidney Cottew.
[70:53]  Shot by UWP Taylor Stanley WIDE.
 *Thru ball shot from right hash past GK from 10 yards out
UW-Platteville 2, UW-Stout 1
[69:42]  GOAL by STOUT Jessica Goodrich, Assist by Addy Maher, goal number 1 for season.
[69:02]  STOUT substitution: Christina Block for Alix Hyduke.
[69:02]  STOUT substitution: Camille Fawcett for Kelly Conn.
[67:47]  Offside against UW-Platteville.
[66:39]  STOUT substitution: Addy Maher for Lauren Kizlik.
[65:24]  Shot by UWP Jessica Butler WIDE.
[63:08]  UWP substitution: Katelyn Winther for Breanna Waldron.
[61:44]  UWP substitution: Layne Jackson for Emily Phillips.
 Foul on UW-Stout.
 Foul on UW-Stout.
[59:12]  STOUT substitution: Emma DeRubeis for Whitney Solomon.
 Corner kick by STOUT Jenna Kizlik [59:11].
[58:02]  Shot by STOUT Lauren Kizlik WIDE.
 Foul on UW-Platteville.
[51:58]  STOUT substitution: Sidney Cottew for Lindsey Concon.
[51:53]  Shot by UWP Jessica Butler HIGH.
 Foul on UW-Platteville.
[49:54]  Offside against UW-Stout.
[49:00]  Shot by UWP Yamilex Jaramillo WIDE.
[45:00]  Mandy Taylor at goalie for UW-Platteville.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].