2012-13 Exhibition Schedule:

Experience China

A traveling exhibit that gives viewers perspective on the various cultures, customs, and groups within China.

On view: September 3 - September 28, 2012. Gallery Night: Tuesday, September 11.

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Trelay Rural Artists Exhibition featuring SW Wisconsin Photo Club

The Trelay Rural Artists Exhibit is an annual presentation of artistic representations of Wisconsin's rural heritage. This year's exhibit will be featuring the Southwest Wisconsin Photo Club.

On view: October 1 - 26, 2012. Gallery Night: Tuesday, October 2.

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Arts Build Annual

On view: October 29 - November 20, 2012. Gallery Night: Tuesday, October 30.

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Photo III Exhibit

A presentation of selected photos from UW-Platteville's Photo III students.

On view: November 28 - December 21, 2012. Gallery Night: Thursday, November 29.

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Regional High School Exhibit

On view: January 14 - February 8, 2013. Gallery Night: Tuesday, January 29.

UW-Platteville Alumni Exhibit

On view: February 11 - March 8, 2013. Gallery Night: Tuesday, Febraury 12.


On view: March 11 - April 11, 2013. Gallery Night: Tuesday, March 12.

Senior Show

An annual exhibit of works by graduating Art Majors, this exhibit represents the artistic achievements of each art major's student career.

On view: April 15 - May 17, 2013. Gallery Night: Tuesday, April 16.

Summer Arts Exhibit

On view: May 28 - July 6, 2013. Gallery Night: Tuesday, June 4.

Fiber Arts Exhibit

On view: July 15 - August 23, 2013. Gallery Night: Tuesday, August 1.

2010-11 Exhibition Schedule

2011-12 Exhibition Schedule

Permanent Exhibit:

Harry Nohr - Man, Citizen, Conservationist, Bowl Maker

Harry Nohr was admired and respected throughout his life not only as a remarkable man and citizen, but also as a dedicated and accomplished conservationist and bowl maker. He was described by friends as being "a true countryman, a species almost extinct," "the most civilized man in Wisconsin," and even, "one of nature's most delightful creations." Our display honors the namesake of our gallery and includes photos, artifacts, history and some of his works of art.

Support for Nohr Gallery Exhibitions provided by SUFAC