Yari Ben Johnson

Dr. Yari Ben Johnson is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Reclamation, Environment and Conservation in the School of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  Dr. Johnson earned his bachelor’s degree in international studies with a minor in environmental science from Roosevelt University.  He earned his master’s degree in natural resources (restoration ecology) and his doctoral degree in forestry and environmental resources (restoration ecology) with a minor in soil science from North Carolina State University.  During his graduate work, he researched restoration of forested wetlands.  Before joining UW-Platteville, Dr. Johnson worked as a research specialist for the Plant Conservation Program at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services where he worked to protect and restore imperiled plant species and their habitats.

Dr. Johnson joined the School of Agriculture in August 2013.  His teaching areas of focus include Introduction to Reclamation, Reclamation Revegetation, Reclamation Project Management, GIS/GPS and Mapping, Soils, Soil and Water Conservation, and undergratduate research in Restoration Ecology and Reclamation.  Dr. Johnson advises the Reclamation Club, which provides UW-Platteville students with opportunities to practice reclamation and restoration through campus activities and service learning.  His research interests include the role of fire in restoring plant communities, such as prairies and oak savannas; restoring natural hydrology during wetland restoration; restoration ecology and medicinal plant conservation in the Far East; and mining reclamation in Wisconsin. Dr. Johnson is a member of the Society for Ecological Restoration International and regularly presents at their global conferences.  Locally, he is active in the Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council, The Prairie Enthusiasts, and the Platteville Community Arboretum. 


Johnson YB, Shear TH, James AL. 2013. Novel ways to assess forested wetland restoration using ecohydrological patterns from reference sites. Ecohydrology. DOI: 10.1002/eco.1390 (accepted 25 March 2013; published online 9 May 2013)

Evans R, Gibson T, Johnson YB. 2012. Conservation Status of Venus Flytraps.  In Tim Bailey and Stewart McPherson, editors. Dionaea: The Venus’s Flytrap. Dorset (England): Redfern Natural History Productions. p 127-141.

Johnson YB, Shear TH, James AL. 2012. Identifying ecohydrological patterns in natural forested wetlands useful to restoration design. Ecohydrology 5:368-379. DOI: 10.1002/eco.227


Contact Information

Office: Pioneer Tower 316
Tel: 608.342.7332
E-mail: johnsony@uwplatt.edu



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