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For information about internships available for 2014, click here 

****INTERNSHIP FORMS ​DUE APRIL 25th at 4pm****
If you missed the Mandatory Informational Meeting, please contact the SOA office

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the process for registering for internships and explain the changes to the internship program that will take affect beginning summer of 2014.
Thes meeting was mandatory for all students planning to complete an internship during the summer or fall semesters during 2014.

The School of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville initiated an internship program in 1961. The program provides students with an opportunity to obtain practical educational work experience related to their career objectives. Students are given an opportunity to apply classroom experiences to the field of work. 

How does it work?

The internship program is designed for a 9-12 week work experience. Most programs run during the summer months, but internships during the academic year are available. Eligible students are selected by a cooperating firm or agency through many venues, including through interviews on campus. Educational work experiences to be provided are agreed upon by the School of Agriculture internship coordinator and/or faculty member and the cooperating firm or agency. A faculty member is assigned to each student intern for the purpose of working with the cooperator in program and student evaluation. For more information, please consult the Agriculture Internships Handbook.

Which students are eligible?

Students need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Currently enrolled in the School of Agriculture or a related area of study
  2. Be in good academic standing at the time of application and the time of employment
  3. Credits required:
    a. Completed, or in progress (IP), at least 45 credits at the time of registration for the desired internship course
    b. Completed, or in progress (IP), at least 12 credits of coursework within their major at the time of registration for the desired internship course

How to apply?

To participate in the program, students need to:

  1. Complete an internship application form.
  2. Obtain necessary approval signatures on the application form.
  3. Register for credit under the appropriate course after receiving approval.

How many credits?

Students are required to register for a minimum of 3 credits. A maximum of 6 credits may be obtained under any one internship session, one summer, or semester. Students interning more than one summer or semester could earn up to a maximum of 9 credits providing there are expanding or new educational opportunities. Students who have completed less than 60 credits at the time of entering the program may register for no more than 3 credits.

What are the responsibilities?

Bimonthly Progress Reports (20%)
Employer Mid-term Evaluation (10%)
Site Visit (20%)
Employer Final Evaluation (20%)
Student Final Evaluation (10%)
Final Presentation – Oral or Poster (20%)

What about grades?

Each student intern will receive a letter grade of A through F. The grade is based upon the opinion of the supervisor, evaluation of cooperating firm or agency, faculty supervisor's evaluation, and a written report.

Benefits to the Student Intern

There are many immediate and long range benefits to student interns. Some specific benefits include:

  1. Student gains first-hand, on-the-job experiences that are useful in making them better acquainted with the physical and academic requirements of a particular occupation.
  2. Allows a student to gain insight into a particular agricultural firm or agency.
  3. On-the-job experience often gives a student an advantage in employment opportunities upon graduation. It may mean a higher starting salary.
  4. Allows a student to become acquainted with and work closely with professionals in the field of agriculture.
  5. Enables a student to apply and to bring meaning to his/her college academic work.
  6. Students may earn a salary or wage to help meet educational expenses.

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