Internships and Employment

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The School of Agriculture and UW-Platteville have many opportunities for students to gain important job experience and investigate future careers.

Student Internships

The internship program is designed for a 9-12 week work experience. Most programs run during the summer months, but internships during the academic year are available. Eligible students are selected by a cooperating firm or agency normally through interviews on campus. Educational work experiences to be provided are agreed upon by the School of Agriculture internship coordinator and/or faculty member and the cooperating firm or agency. A faculty member is assigned to each student intern for the purpose of working with the cooperator in program and student evaluation.  More info...

Employment Opportunities

Current students can explore employment opportunities on-campus, off-campus, and at Pioneer Farm, as well as possibilities for post-graduation employment.  More info...

UW-Platteville Career Center

"The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Career Center has designed services and programs to address the needs of potential students and their parents, currently enrolled undergraduates, graduates, and distant education students."  More info...

UW-Platteville Alumni

Any member of the BILSA Alumni Chapter will receive a yearly newsletter with an update on the University, the college and our alumni.   The UW-Platteville Alumni webpage provides information on the current activities of the chapter for alumni, current students and the general public.  More info...

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