Faculty-Led Research

Our faculty and students are involved in many research and community engagement projects. Below are some examples of their endeavors.

PACCE Projects

Visit the PACCE website for a complete list of past projects from School of Ag faculty and students, as well as others across campus.

Fall 2013 Course/Organization Project Title Comunity Partner Faculty/Staff
Dairy Cattle Management Investigation of elevated somatic cell count Pioneer Farm Dairy Enterprise  Hardyman
Animal Science Management Use of new software for feed rations for bull test WBIA Prill-Adams
Reclamation Project Management Establishment of restoration test polots UW-Platteville-Platte Mound Baxter
Ag Prices and Risk Management identifying risk and risk attitudes of farm/owner 11 Midwest farms Bernhardt
Sigma Alpha Sorority Grant County Family Fun Night Grant County Extension Bockhop
Structures/Env. Control Completion of house addition Pioneer Farm Bockhop
Spring 2013 Course/Organization Project Title Community Partner Faculty/Staff
Faculty-Led Study Abroad Analysis of the Ministry's dairy farm  Ministry of Agriculture-Ghana Kinwa-Muzinga
Dairy Products Creation of a liquid goat soap recipe Lacey's Lathers - Clare Heberlein Montgomery
Landscape Design Patio garden design Gooseberry Hill LLC Cartmill
Reclamation Project Mgmt Native plant restoration UW-Platteville-Platte Mound Atkinson
Fall 2012 Course/Organization Project Title Community Partner Faculty/Staff
Soils Detailed soil survey -Gary Eldred Prairie Preserve Prairie Enthusiasts Baxter
Structures/Env. Control Completion of work on concrete pad and pole shed Alpha Gamma Rho Alumni Bockhop
Introduction to Dairy Science Monitor quality of waste milk used in pasteurizer UW-Platteville Dairy Enterprise Montgomery

Undergraduate Research

For more information on UW-Platteville's undergraduate research and creative endeavors, visit URCE here.

Project Title Student Faculty/Staff
Analysis of Pioneer Farm Dairy Enterprise Heifer and Cow Heat Detection Program Murphy Montgomery

PURF Projects

Project Title Student Faculty/Staff
Comparison of Two Grow-Finish Feed Programs Fritz Prill-Adams
WICST: Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial Bockhop Bernhardt
The Effects of Dietary Crude Protein on Lactating Dairy Cattle Bubolz Mee
Investigating the Effects of Transportation in Beef Cattle on the Development of a Blood Test for Carcass Quality Duoss McNamara
Analysis of Vermicomposting Strategies in Food Substrates: Emphasis on Nutrient Values and Reproduction Lange Baxter/Killian
Evaluation of Compost Quality at Pioneer Farm and Suitability for End-Use Wilkens Baxter
Comparison of Two Grow-Finish Feeding Programs in Swine: Treatment containing 5% porcine meat and bone meal Likens Prill-Adams
Multi-Year Profitability Analysis of the UW-Platteville Farm Using DuPont Analysis Wallace Kinwa-Muzinga
Use of Routine Manure Testing Procedures to Predict Total Carbon and C:N ration of Manures Furseth Baxter
Comparison of Hormel Amino Acid Premix with Hormel 543NL Swine Premix Guenther Prill-Adams


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