Andrew Cartmill

Doctor of Philosophy, Texas A&M University
Master of Science, Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Central Lancashire, UK

SCSCI 1260 - Crop Science
SCSCI 3260 - Seed and Grain Crops
SCSCI 3380 - Special Problems in Soil Science
SCSCI 3390 - Special Problems in Crop Science

Research Interests
My research interests focus on a variety of sustainable production and ecological topics, including mycorrhizal associations during production, plant response to environmental and production stresses, water quality, plant nutrition, and below ground responses (root dynamics, soil respiration) to climate change drivers.

Professional Affiliations
Ecological Society of America, Physiological Ecology Section
International Mycorrhizal Association
Soil and Water Conservation Society

Tom Slick Graduate Research Fellowship, Texas A&M University
Wakonse South Fellow, Texas A&M University
Martin McLaren Horticultural Scholarship/Garden Club of America Interchange Fellowship

Other Responsibilities
Co-coach Crops Team

Contact Information

Office: Pioneer Tower 311
Tel: 608.342.7651

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