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Tri-State Initiative

In 2005, UW-Platteville created the Tri-State Initiative (TSI) to help college be more accessible and affordable for students from Illinois and Iowa. TSI makes it easier to pursue the types of degree programs that will prepare students for a career in the 21st century. These programs areas include agriculture, biology, business, criminal justice, education, engineering, fine arts*, industrial studies and psychology*.

TSI Quick Facts

TSI is a tuition savings program for eligible new freshmen and transfers from Illinois and Iowa.

To be considered eligible for TSI, students must:

No additional paperwork for TSI students!

TSI is offered only at UW-Platteville and is a limited enrollment program.

To secure a spot in the upcoming class, admitted students must submit:

  • Enrollment contract and $200 enrollment deposit
    • This deposit is 100% refundable until May 1.
  • Residence Hall Rental Agreement and $150 pre-payment (if living on campus)
    • $100 of the $150 pre-payment is refundable until May 1.

Students may participate in TSI for up to five years if enrolled as a full-time student, in good standing with the university and in a TSI eligible program/major.

*Majors in Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre) and Psychology will be TSI eligible beginning with applications for Fall 2014

out of state...not out of reach.


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PSS: TSI Savings

TSI Savings

TSI students receive a savings of approximately $4,000 on out-of-state tuition. Compare that with in-state tuition rates in Illinois and Iowa and see just how affordable UW-Platteville can be.

Compare our textbook rental system (already included in the tuition and fees) with the $1,100 national average spent on textbooks in 2012-13. You might just find out that going out of state can actually save you money.

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