Women's Studies


Department Director: Laura Wendorff
Office: 449 Gardner Hall
Phone: 608-342-1750
E-mail: wendorff@uwplatt.edu

About The Department & Minor

The Women's Studies Program Council includes the following faculty and staff, plus one to two student members selected in the fall of each academic year.

The Women's Studies Program creates new dimensions in the educational curriculum by expanding students' knowledge and awareness of women's experiences in as many areas as possible.

Women's Studies emphasizes the contributions of women and investigates the ways in which societal misconceptions of both sexes have been reflected in the traditional curriculum. This interdisciplinary academic field examines from a feminist perspective the challenges women in particular face. Thus, Women's Studies ultimately provides new insights for individuals seeking to improve the quality of their own lives and of the society in which they live.

The Women's Studies Program seeks to enhance the educational and career opportunities of students in traditional academic areas as well as students with a special interest in women's studies. The particular needs and concerns of parttime and continuing education students are also addressed.

All Women's Studies courses fulfill the general education gender requirement. Some courses can double count for both the ethnic and gender general education requirement.

UW-Platteville students can earn a minor or a certificate in Women's Studies.

Women's Studies Minor (24 credits)

Requirements include WOMSTD 1130 Introduction to Women's Studies 3 cr and at least one course from each of the following groups.

Group One: Social Science (3 credits)

Group Two: Humanities, Fines Arts, Historical Perspective

Group Three: Advanced Women's Studies

Women's Studies Certificate (15 credits)

The basic program consists of an interdisciplinary sequence of courses leading to a certificate in women's studies and a special notation on the transcript. Students enrolled in the certificate program are required to complete 15 credits of course work in Women's Studies, including WOMSTD 1130 Introduction to Women's Studies, and a three-credit internship or research project. All Women's Studies courses, including those which are cross-listed under the Women's Studies Program and the co-sponsoring departments, can be used to satisfy the requirements of the certificate program. This curriculum provides a model for students wishing to design individualized course sequences which support their personal and educational goals. Students interested in the certificate program should consult the director of Women's Studies.