Ethnic Studies

Department Chair: Carl Allsup
Office: 432 Warner Hall
Phone: 608-342-1622
Carl Allsup

About The Ethnic Studies Program and Minor

The Ethnic Studies Program Council includes Carl Allsup, Ethnic Studies; Roslyn Broussard, Social Sciences; Teresa Burns, Humanities; Christine Curras, Engineering, Mathematics, and Science; Mark Evenson, Humanities; Carmen Faymonville, Humanities; Robert Fidrych, Business and Accounting; Rea Kirk, Education; Joong Jae Lee, Social Sciences; Joe Lomax, Criminal Justice; John Nkemnji, Education; Kathleen Tigerman, Humanities; Laura Wendorff, Humanities; Kaye Winder, Fine Arts; David Zierath, Social Sciences; Julie Phillips, Education; Jean Bascom, Foreign Language.

The Ethnic Studies Program is dedicated to awakening the minds and spirits of students and others to the issues of race and ethnicity in the United States and the social realities and moral challenges of racism in U.S. culture. It strives to help students fulfill their intellectual, moral, and social potential, and encourages them to remove barriers which can prevent others from achieving their potential. It promotes the study of race and ethnicity in historical, social, and political structures, and supports and encourages the integration of the vast new scholarship which questions, analyzes, and narrates the role of race and ethnicity in the United States

The Ethnic Studies Program oversees the UWP curriculum requirement that every student in a degree program complete a three-credit course on issues of race and ethnicity.

Certificate in Ethnic Studies (15 credits)

12 credits from the following courses:

Minor in Ethnic Studies (24 credits)

21 credits from the following courses: