The Office of Financial Aid assists students with state and federal financial aid programs. Office personnel also provide budget and loan indebtedness counseling and help students find employment on and off campus. They also administer the UW-Platteville Foundation Scholarship Program.

Financial Aid Programs

Three basic categories of financial aid are administered through the UW-Platteville Office of Financial Aid. To be considered for these programs, students must be degree seeking and enrolled for at least six credits. In some cases, students may be eligible for a Pell Grant if enrolled less than half-time. Students enrolled as "special" are not eligible for any of these programs except regular student employment.

To apply for most of the programs listed below, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application is available at high school counselor offices, at the UW-Platteville Office of Financial Aid, or students can apply on-line at

Students should complete the application and mail it to the federal processing center by March 15. (This is the UW-Platteville priority filing date but not a deadline.) Students who have their application at the processing center by March 15 and show financial need will receive first consideration for all available programs.


These aid programs do not require repayment:


These low interest educational loans require repayment, but interest and principal for most loans are deferred until after graduation:

Campus Employment

Students may work on campus to help with expenses.

*FAFSA is not required

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue to receive financial assistance. A minimum number of credits must be completed in relationship to the number of full-time semesters attended. Number of credits required per semester is as follows:


Semesters Credits
1 8 credits
2 16 credits
3 25 credits
4 34 credits
5 45 credits
6 56 credits
7 67 credits
8 78 credits
9 90 credits
10 102 credits
11 115 credits
12 128 credits


Semesters Credits
1 4 credits
2 10 credits
3 16 credits
4 23 credits
5 30 credits

University Refund Policy

For students who withdraw from the university the following refund policy is applied for tuition and fees:

Refund for tuition and fees is based on the full semester cost. Students who live in the residence hall and/or are on a meal plan shall be refunded room and board paid in advance on a weekly pro-rata basis.

Return of Unearned Financial Aid

If you withdraw from the University prior to completing 60% of the semester and had received financial aid (grants and/or student loans) you may have to return a portion of your federal financial aid. The amount of aid you may keep when you withdraw is in direct proportion to the length of time you remained enrolled during the semester.


Each year the UW-Platteville Scholarship Program awards over $340,000 in scholarships. The goal of the scholarship program is to provide awards to as many students as possible.

Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of many factors which may include academic achievement, community involvement, extracurricular activities, an autobiographical essay, a letter of recommendation, and care in completing the application. A few scholarships require that a student prove financial need. If a student receives a scholarship, it will be considered a resource, and this may affect the amount of other aid the student receives. The specific eligibility criteria are generally listed with each scholarship.

The program is divided into two distinct programs: one for incoming first year students and one for continuing students. The application process is different for each program.

New Freshman Scholarship Program

Students who apply and are accepted for admission at UW-Platteville are eligible to apply for scholarships provided through the UW-Platteville Foundation. Only admitted students will receive a scholarship application. To ensure gettting a scholarship application, a atudent should apply for admission by November 1 of the year prior to attendance. The scholarship application form will be mailed to the student after admission; the completed scholarshp applicatiob form must be submitted by January 1. Committees will meet to make the selections, and students will be notified as soon as poddivle, generally in March. To be a recipient a student must be entolled as a fill-time student, taking 12 or more credits. The amount and number of scholarshps are subject to chance and vary from year to year.

Continuing Student Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available to continuing students at UW-Platteville. Transfer students may apply, but scholarships are limited. Scholarship applications should be submitted by February 15 for the scholarships to be awarded for the next academic year. A listing of scholarships can be viewed on the Financial Aid webpage.

Other Scholarships

Information regarding other scholarships resources, not related to the UW-Platteville Foundation, is available in the Financial Aid Office. Applications for these national, regional or major-specific scholarships are usually available.

The Office of Financial Aid assists students with state and federal financial aid programs. Office personnel also provied budget and loan indebtness counseling and help students find employment on and off campus. They also administer the UW-Platteville Foundation Scholarship Program.