Business, Industry Life Science, and Agriculture

Dean: Duane Merlin Ford
Assistant Dean: Richard Klawiter
Office: 166 Pioneer Tower
Phone: 608-342-1547

College of BILSA

School of Agriculture
Department of Biology
Department of Business and Accounting
Department of Communication Technologies
Department of Industrial Studies

The College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture (BILSA) offers degree programs in agriculture, biology, business and accounting, communication technologies, and industrial studies. With its emphasis on both theoretical and applied knowledge, the college is committed to educational excellence within a diverse learning community. As a resource center, BILSA promotes cooperative interactions with organizations in the public and private sectors.

Our faculty believe in assisting students to become lifelong learners, develop clear thinking, and possess a healthy curiosity. Students are encouraged to diligently pursue intellectually stimulating activities beyond those typically taught in the academic classroom. Courses in humanities, communications, sciences and mathematics are required of all majors, to help prepare them to enter a rapidly changing and increasingly international workforce. Required core courses in each major ensure the breadth of technical, analytical, scientific and business knowledge and skills necessary for future success. Finally, students' upper-level study in majors, minors or emphasis areas provides indepth study in a particular field of specialization.

Professional Programs

The College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture provides professional programs of study for students seeking to enter careers in a wide variety of fields. Demand for graduates of all programs offered within the college is exceptional. People who graduate from the college can seek careers in both private and public entities, along with being able to pursue continued education in graduate or professional programs.

Internship Opportunities

Most programs within the college offer the opportunity for internships, which are supervised, applied experiences related to the program of study. Students can earn academic credits while earning a salary in these programs. Many opportunities exist for this experience. Faculty work closely to assist students in gaining the best experience which will enhance employment opportunities upon graduation. Employers speak very highly of the college’s internship program.

Extracurricular Activities

The college strongly believes that students should have an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities associated with their major studies. Over 35 student clubs and organizations are available within the college to allow students to gain experiences within their area of interest. These organizations work cooperatively with the departments/school to incorporate activities which will broaden the students’ educational experiences.

International Education

Many social science and humanities courses which can fulfill program requirements are available through UWPlatteville’s Study Abroad Programs in England, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and Spain. In selected majors, BILSA has one-to-one student exchange programs in partnership with universities in the Netherlands and Ireland.

Alternate Delivery Methods

BILSA offers a print-based and online degree program in business administration for students unable to attend on-campus classes. This program allows participants the opportunity to obtain their entire college degree without leaving their geographic location. For more information about this program, refer to the Department of Business Administration.