Business and Accounting

Department Chair: Stephen W. Kleisath
Office: 619 Pioneer Tower
Phone: 608-342-1460
Steven A. Becker
John C. Borke
Robert C. Conway
Robert A. Fidrych
Margaret F. Karsten
Stephen W. Kleisath
M. Jamir Uddin
Scott A. White
Associate Professors:
Roxane M. Gunser
Susan L. Hansen
Bernard W. Harris
Louis I. Nzegwu
Donna J. Perkins
Machelle K. Schroeder
Assistant Professors:
Frank P. Igou
Thomas J. Pavick


Business Administration
Food Marketing
Human Resource Management
Sales & Marketing Communications
Applied Management
Computer Science
International Business
General Business


Business Administration
Food Marketing


Leadership and Human Performance
Human Resource Management
International Business

About The Department and Major

The Department of Business and Accounting educates undergraduates for productive careers in a diverse, global business environment. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or in Accounting, the two majors that the department offers, may begin learning about business-related subjects in their first year of college. Students are urged to participate in the departmentís active student organizations. For students interested in Accounting, there is Beta Alpha. For those interested in business, there is the Pioneer Investment Club, and student chapters of the Society for the Advancement of Management (S.A.M.), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and Phi Beta Lambda (PBL).

The Accounting major is designed to prepare students for careers in public accounting, industry or governmental agencies. Students completing the requirements of the major are qualified to take the certified management accountant (CMA) examination and, after completion of 150 hours of college credit, the certified public accountant (CPA) examination.

Internships that have the prior approval of either the department internship coordinator or chairperson are required for Business Administration majors and are strongly encouraged for Accounting majors.

Because they will interact with people worldwide during their careers, Business and Accounting students are urged to increase their exposure to and awareness of various nations and cultures. The university provides many ways in which they can do this including exchange programs and an acclaimed study abroad program.

Statement of Mission - Department of Business And Accounting

The Department of Business and Accounting educates students for productive careers in a global business environment. We:

Desired Student Outcomes - Business Administration

Students who earn a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville should:

  1. have a basic knowledge of accounting, economics, marketing, management, computer applications, finance, human resource management and legal, social and international issues affecting business;
  2. communicate effectively verbally and in writing;
  3. develop effective interpersonal skills that will enable them to work with other individuals and within teams as either leaders or participants;
  4. know how to gather, use, and critically evaluate electronic and other information;
  5. enhance their understanding of and sensitivity to diversity in the workplace;
  6. develop a knowledge and appreciation of ethical principles as applied to business;
  7. use critical thinking skills to solve real or hypothetical business problems; and
  8. have had experiences that cultivate or enhance an entrepreneurial spirit.

Desired Student Outcomes - Accounting

Students who earn a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville should:

  1. possess the technical knowledge in financial accounting, management accounting, tax and auditing that is necessary to be successful in their careers;
  2. possess the broad understanding of the related subject matter (economics, marketing, management, computer applications, finance, human resource management, business law, business ethics) needed to be successful in the business world;
  3. possess effective interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing;
  4. possess enough familiarity with computer applications to be able to learn quickly the specific accounting applications which they may encounter in their careers;
  5. be able to obtain and retain accounting positions upon graduation and be successful in those positions.

Distance Education Degree Program in Business Administration

Toll-free phone in U.S.: 1-800-362-5460

Websites: (online courses)

The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at a distance. The program allows adults to balance work and personal commitments with their educational goals. The degree delivered at a distance is the same degree that students earn on campus. Students may choose to take online or print courses, and no campus attendance is required. Courses are taught by experienced faculty who guide their work.

Online courses are offered in the fall, spring and summer semesters (for rotation schedules, please visit the website) and they emphasize student interaction. Print courses feature self-paced study, and students may register for print courses any working day of the year. For further information go to our website or call our toll free number.

General Requirements

Accounting Major

Professional Certifications

Upon graduation, accounting majors typically pursue professional certifications. In addition to the CPA and CMA certifications noted above, accountants also may be licensed as Certified Internal Auditors (CIA). All professional certifications require individuals to pass a national examination and complete several years of professional practice.

Most states have changed the education standards that individuals who wish to take the CPA examination must meet. Typically, applicants must have completed 150 hours of college credit.

UW-Platteville graduates majoring in accounting have several attractive options for meeting the 150 credit hour requirement. These include:

Required Core Courses (48 credits):

Select 9 or more credits from:

Mathematics requirements (7-9 credits, depending upon high school background):

Math Requirement specific to the major:

Note: A student who successfully completes MATH 2640 Analytic Geometry and Calculus will not be required to take MATH 1630 or 2630.

Additional requirements:

  1. At least 40 percent of a student's total credits at UW-Platteville must be in areas outside of accounting and business.
  2. Students must have GPAs of 2.50 or better in accounting and business courses to graduate in the major.

Business Administration Major

The major includes required courses and completion of an emphasis area. Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.25 in all courses required for the Business Administration major including the area of emphasis.

Required: (45 credits)

Students majoring in business administration must complete and approved 3-credit internship that counts either as an elective in most emphasis areas within the major or as general elective credits. An internship in food or grocery distribution is required for the Food Marketing emphasis. More information is available at the department Web site or from the department chair.

Note: An internship may be used to fulfill elective requirement in any emphasis area except Applied Management, Computer Science, or Food Marketing.

Finance Emphasis (15 credits)

Required Courses (6 credits):

Electives (9 credits):

Food Marketing Emphasis (15 credits)

Required (9 credits):

Electives (6 credits total):

One course from the following:
One course from the following:

Human Resource Management Emphasis (15 credits)

Required Courses (6 credits):

Electives (9 credits):

Management Emphasis (15 credits)

Sales and Marketing Communications Emphasis (15 credits)

Required Courses (6 credits):

Electives (9 credits in one of the two options):

Advertising and Promotion Option (9 credits)
Sales Techniques Option (9 credits)

Applied Management (varying number of credits)

Required Courses:

Completion of a second major or any minor EXCEPT those designed for education majors (varying credits).

Computer Science Emphasis (18 credits)

Required Courses (6 credits):

Electives (12 credits):

International Business

Required Courses (21 credits):

12-credit Study Abroad experience with 6 credits of preapproved* business courses from an international study experience. (*Consult with department chair.)

General Business (15 credits)

Students must consult with their academic advisor to select 15 credits from among courses with a BUSADMIN prefix at the 3000 and 4000 levels.


Accounting Minor (24 credits)


Business Administration Minor (24 Credits)



The department offers certificates for those who wish to gain specialized expertise in an area but who do not plan to seek a degree. Certificates are primarily intended for those completing business courses at a distance.

Human Resource Management Certificate (9 credits)

International Business Certificate (9 credits)

Leadership and Human Performance Certificate (9 credits)