To All Applicants

This section provides general admission information for degree-seeking students. If you are interested in professional development courses, or courses for personal enjoyment, you are directed to the "Continuing Education" section.

If you intend to earn a degree, you must apply for admission to the university. If you attend a Wisconsin high school, you may obtain the standard UW System Application for Admission form from your high school counselor. You may also obtain an application by calling the UW System HELP office at 1-800-442-6459. If you wish to apply electronically, please see the UW-Platteville home page at for specific instructions.

Applications for the following fall semester are accepted on September 15. Admitted students (including transfers) are required to submit a $100 enrollment deposit as soon as possible to ensure a place in the freshmen class. The deposit is refundable until May 1. There is a January 1 priority application date so early application is encouraged. Also, we cannot process your application until your application fee is received. If you know what field of study you intend to pursue, we ask that you indicate that choice on the application. If you are still deciding, we request that you indicate that as a choice. For example, if you think you may wish to be a teacher but do not know at which level or discipline, you may indicate that you are still deciding and are interested in being a teacher. Some majors require additional standards for admission to their respective department (for example, persons wishing to major in engineering must have earned a 22 or higher in the mathematics portion of the ACT, or SAT I mathematics score of 520). Please check the departmental section in this catalog for details. If you do not meet the traditional Category I standards for admission, you may be placed on a temporary waiting list. Students placed on this list will be notified of their status as soon as possible, but no later than May 1. If you do not qualify for admission through the standard Category I or Category II requirements, you may appeal to the office of admission and enrollment management for possible "Special" student enrollment.

The staff in the Office of Admission and Enrollment Management is dedicated to assisting you in any way possible. If you wish to study at an institution closer to your home but wish to transfer eventually to UW-Platteville, all you have to do is contact our office for specific information regarding the transfer process.

Special Notice: All applicants must provide the university with accurate information about personal and educational history. Students who intentionally falsify or omit information, as part of their university record, will be suspended.

Admission Categories

Admission procedures and standards vary somewhat from group to group. Following is a definition of each category. Find the category that applies to you, and then find the subsection which discusses that category for information on what you will need in order to be admitted to UW-Platteville.


graduates of high schools in the United States and those who will be graduating, who have not earned college credit. International students who wish to enter as freshmen should refer to the "International Student Admission" section of this chapter.

Transfer Students:

applicants who have earned college credit at another university, vocational or technical college as a matriculated student and wish to transfer to UW-Platteville.

Reentry Students:

students who have attended UW-Platteville as degree-seeking students in the past and wish to take classes again at the university.

Nontraditional Students:

students are defined in the Board of Regents Policy (87-8) Non-Traditional Admission will be considered according to the criteria under the University of Wisconsin-Platteville's Exceptional category of admission.

Special Students:

students who wish to further their education, but are not immediately seeking a degree from UW-Platteville. In order to be enrolled as a "special" non-degree student, the applicant must complete the special application located in the Office of Admission and Enrollment Management. Although transcripts are not required, prospective students are required to have graduated from a recognized high school or its equivalent. Students who, after having been a "special" student, wish to seek a degree must complete the admission process for degree-seeking students and matriculate before they have earned 30 semester credits as a "special" student. It is important to note that "special" students may not register for more than six semester credits per semester unless authorized by the Director of Admission and Enrollment Services or the provost. Students in this category are ineligible for financial aid.

High School "Special" Students:

students currently enrolled in high school who apply to UW-Platteville for concurrent course work. In order to be considered as high school "specials," students must comply with the following:

Each high school student aspiring to attend university classes may take three semester credits per semester. Certain students may elect to take up to, but no more than, six semester credits per semester upon the approval of the office of admission and enrollment management. It is to be understood that each high school student wishing to attend classes at UW-Platteville must reapply each semester.

Youth Options Program:

High school students who wish to take university courses under the youth option program (YOP) must apply through both their high school and UW-Platteville for permission to enroll. (Contact your high school counselor, principal, or district administrator for additional information.)

New Freshman Standard Admission Requirements (Fall 2004)

Category I

Students meeting the following requirements will be admitted to the University:

Successfully completed 17 college preparatory units to include:

Students seeking immediate admission to general engineering must have a mathematics ACT score of 22, or SAT I of 515 (Mathematics) or higher. Engineering students not meeting these minimum mathematics requirements will be placed in pre-engineering until completion of Calculus and Analytic Geometry with a letter grade of "C" or higher.

UW-Platteville uses standardized test results as one of the criteria measures for admission. The UW System requires all new freshman applicants to submit the results of either the ACT or SAT I for review. The ACT is the preferred test. Students will not be disadvantaged in the admissions process by taking one test rather than the other. It is recommended that the ACT/SAT I be taken in the spring of the junior year and have the score reports sent directly to the Office of Admission and Enrollment Management. This requirement is waived for prospective students over the age of 25.

Category II (Discretionary and Exceptional)


Students in this category will be considered for admission, and are encouraged to apply if they:

Students in this category may be wait-listed depending on university enrollment goals.


Included in this category are: 1) students who have demonstrated a stronger academic performance later in their high school career; 2) students who are socially and economically disadvantaged; 3) students with verifiable disabilities; 4) students who have demonstrated academic promise; 5) nontraditional aged students (25 and older), and 6) students who have demonstrated significant leadership in school or in the community.

Students in this category (except those 25 years and older) must have a combined high school class percentile rank and ACT composite score that equals the numeric value of 50 and must have met the college preparatory course distribution requirements identified earlier in this document, and must provide:

Students in this category may be wait-listed depending on university enrollment goals.

Students not falling into either of these categories may contact the Director of Admission and Enrollment Services for an independent review of all credentials.

Home-Schooled Student Admission Procedures

To be considered for admission, home school students must provide the following:

Note: Admission Policies vary based on the graduation date of applicants, i.e., a student who graduated in 1985 would fall under the admission policies effective for the fall 1985 semester.

Transfer Requirements

How do I apply?

Transfer students must complete a UW System application and submit it to the Office of Admission and Enrollment Services to begin the admission process. The application fee is no longer waived for students transferring in the UW System. Official high school transcripts from your high school of graduation and from ALL colleges or universities previously attended or currently attending are also required. These documents must be sent directly from the high school or Office of the Registrar. You are required to provide the Office of Admission and Enrollment Services with a statement of your activities (work, armed services, etc.) for the period of time you have chosen not to attend a college or university for a semester or more.

What are the transfer requirements for standard admission?

A transfer student may be admitted if the student has earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher in courses deemed to be transferable AND is in good standing at the institution attending or attended.

These policies are subject to enrollment management concerns, reviewed periodically, and may be changed according to the needs of the university. Enrollment will be managed according to the university caps determined by university officials, UW System and the Board of Regent mandates. Further, university enrollment caps may be determined by college/program specific needs, and by specific student categories.

Transfer Policies

Transfer of credits

Evaluation of the transfer of your credits will occur only after your file is complete (i.e. when all transcripts, enrollment deposit, and other pertinent information has been received by the Office of Admission and Enrollment Services). The cumulative GPA of all schools attended will be calculated by using all courses completed that are transferable to UW-Platteville. Admission will be determined based on your cumulative GPA meeting the minimum admission requirements and on the Enrollment Services policies at the time your file becomes complete.

Credit Evaluation

Once you have been admitted and the enrollment deposit paid (the enrollment deposit will be applied to your tuition costs for your first term), a credit evaluation of general education requirements will be completed and mailed to both you and the college of your major so that it is available for review by your assigned advisor. Your advisor or department chair will determine which courses may be taken in transfer to meet the requirements of your declared major. In the event that you have not declared a major, the advisor for "Deciding" students will assist you in determining your course schedule. All students are strongly encouraged to meet with university advisors before transferring to ensure a smooth transition.

Academic Advising

During registration and advising, the college of your major will assign a faculty member to serve as your advisor. Your advisor will have a copy of both your transcript and credit evaluation and will be a resource person for you to plan the courses you will need in order to graduate. In addition, you will receive a UW-Platteville catalog during the registration and advising process; it is an excellent source of information. It is a good idea for YOU to take the responsibility for building your own "plan for graduation." Successful students work closely with their advisor throughout their college careers. Advance registration for continuing students takes place in the semester prior to enrollment and the regular registration takes place immediately preceding the first week of classes each semester. Details will be sent to you. Students admitted after advance registration may register on an individual basis. Call the Office of Admission and Enrollment Services for details.

May I pre-register?

Transfer students may register with continuing students only if they have been admitted, the evaluation of previous coursework has been completed before the pre-registration date, and the enrollment deposit has been paid. Therefore, early application is necessary for pre-registration.

Housing Application Policies

Housing application materials are mailed to all admitted students. It is critical that students submit the housing application and pre-payment as soon after notification of admission as possible. Housing spaces are assigned on the date order that completed housing applications and pre-payments are received.

Student Eligibility

All transfer students may be admitted if they have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher and are in good academic standing at the institution they are currently attending or have attended.

Students transferring from a UW System institution or an Illinois Community College with an earned associate degree in arts or sciences will have met all university general education requirements.

Students transferring from MATC (Madison) and Nicolet Area Technical College with an earned Adssociate of Arts or Associate of Science degree granted on or after May 7, 2003, will have met all university general education requirements with the EXCEPTION of the Ethnic and Gender Studies requirement. The two exceptions mean that these requirements will still need to be satisfied by the transfer of specific courses satisfying the Ethnic and Gender Studies areas or by completing the requirements through classes at UW-Platteville.

Students transferring from MATC (Milwaukee) with an earned Associate of Arts (NOT the Associate of Science) degree granted on or after May 7, 2003, will have met all university general education requirements with the EXCEPTION of the Ethnic and Gender Studies requirement.

Students transferring from Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) with an earned Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree granted on or after December 3, 2003, will have met all university general education requirements with the EXCEPTION of the Ethnic and Gender Studies requirement. However, if all of the course work was not completed at one of these recognized institutions, credits may not transfer, and the associate degree may not satisfy the general education requirements. Articulations with other schools may also exist.

Transfer students should remember that even when the university general education requirements are considered met, other college or departmental requirements may not have been met.

All transfer students should meet with their major advisor as soon as possible. Students who have an earned associate degree from another two year institution or junior college will be individually assessed regarding transfer credits. The maximum number of credits transferable from a two year institution is 72.

When credits are transferred and accepted, they are recorded in terms of UW-Platteville courses. Only credit is recorded: grades and/or grade points are not transferred. The cumulative grade point average of each UW-Platteville student is determined only by credits and grades earned in residence at the university.

The transfer policy discussed here is subject to enrollment management needs, which are reviewed periodically and may be changed according to the needs of the university.

Transfers from Wisconsin Technical College Institutions

The number of credits accepted for transfer from a Wisconsin Technical College is generally limited. It is possible, in some cases, to transfer up to the maximum of 30 credits in general education courses. More credits may be accepted if program-to-program articulation agreements have been approved: check with your institution to see if this applies or call the Office of Admission and Enrollment Services at 1-800-362-5515.

Transfer credit is accepted for appropriate college level courses completed through extension or correspondence study from accredited colleges or universities. Certain military service school credit may be granted in transfer, based upon recommendations by the American Council on Education.

UW Colleges/UW-Platteville Guaranteed Transfer Program

Students participating in the UW Colleges/UW-Platteville Guaranteed Transfer Program may begin their university education at a UW College and, if they meet the requirements listed below, will be guaranteed admission to UW-Platteville upon completion of 60 credits. Some majors and programs make exceptions for the required number of credits: be sure to check with the department or program for which early transfer is recommended.

To be eligible for the Guaranteed Transfer Program, students must:

  1. Have matriculated as a new freshman at a University of Wisconsin College.
  2. Submit a "Declaration of Intention" to participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program prior to the start of the sophomore year (30 credits) in the UW Colleges.
  3. Complete the minimum number of credits required within three years of the time of matriculation at the UW Colleges. Complete and submit to UW-Platteville a UW System Application for Admission. Students must submit this application in accordance with the deadlines and enrollment procedures imposed for all transfer students and should note on the application their participation in the Guaranteed Transfer Program.
  4. Maintain a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average and a 2.00 in the term prior to transfer.

UW College students participating in the Guaranteed Transfer Program must also meet the same criteria (e.g. GPA, course requirements) for admission to specific programs as continuing UW-Platteville students. The guarantee of admission applies only to the institution, not to the specific major or program. Students should consult an academic advisor to determine the required GPA for their intended major or program.

Reentrant Requirements

International Student Admission Policies

Approximately one percent of the students at UW-Platteville are from countries other than the United States. In admitting international students, the Admission Office considers factors such as scholastic achievement, ability to use the English language, and evidence of sound financial backing through parents or governmental agencies. All international students must submit official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to the Office of Admission and Enrollment Management. Final applications for the fall semester must be completed no later than July 1; spring semester applications must be completed no later than November 15. Late applications will be reviewed on an individual basis.

To be considered for admission to UW-Platteville, all international students must provide the following:

All records will be translated into English and must be certified as taken from the original documentation. Altered documentation will be considered a perjury and shall cause us to reject the application.

Tri-State Initiative

The Tri-State Initiative (TSI) is part of a regional workforce initiative to increase the number of students from the neighboring states of Illinois and Iowa attending and graduating from UW-Platteville. TSI will assist new and continuing Wisconsin businesses in addressing critical workforce needs.

The Initiative will have a transforming effect on the campus and the comunity. TSI is designed to increase enrollment by 2,000 new undergraduate students in 10 years. The initiative features competitive pricing with other tri-state institutions when annual tuition, fees, room, board, and books are included. Tuition monies from the students who enroll as a part of the initiative will stay at UWP, paying for increased faculty and staff, program development, and academic buildings.

Learn more about the Tri-State Initiative by visiting