PSYCHLGY 7030 3 credits Psychology in the Criminal Justice System
This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the use of psychological methodologies and theoretical models within the criminal justice system. Special attention is applied to criminal and police psychology with some coverage of forensic psychology.
PSYCHLGY 7230 3 credits Crisis Intervention Theory
This course examines crisis intervention models as they apply to suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, natural disasters, personal loss, and life cycle crises. Students learn to recognize and deal with the psychological and emotional stresses encountered by professionals and paraprofessionals who work with people in crisis.
PSYCHLGY 7330 3 credits Theories of Personality in the Criminal Justice System
This course introduces students to the major psychological theories of personality, as they are applied in criminal justice settings as well as clinical settings. Special attention is given to the application of theories to terrorist motivation.
PSYCHLGY 7430 3 credits Abnormal Psychology in a Dangerous World
A graduate course in abnormal psychology that does not presume prior psychology study. The course places the concept of abnormal psychology in historical context, covers the major mental illnesses and their treatments, and relates content to criminal justice applications. There is a major focus on risk and danger, as they relate to the disorders. P: graduate student status.
PSYCHLGY 7980 1-4 credits Independent Study in Psychology
The amount of graduate credit allowed for independent study may not exceed a total of four credits. Approval must be secured before independent study courses are begun. Students registering for independent study must submit at or before registration a description signed by the instructor conducting the independent study of the subject to be covered. Independent study may not be used for collecting information for the seminar paper.(Contact advisor for prior approval and registration instructions.)