BUSADMIN 5030 3 credits Human Resource Management
An introduction to topics such as human resource planning, equal employment opportunity, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations. The impact of laws and of societal and business trends on human resource functions is also presented. Each manager’s role in dealing with human resources is emphasized.
BUSADMIN 5100 3 credits Compensation Management
An exploration of the discipline of compensation management. The processes of job analysis and job evaluation are discussed as methods to determine internal pay equity. Market wage surveys are presented as a means to ensure external equity. Wage scale development and various employee benefit options are discussed. Other topics include wage and benefit-related laws, performance appraisal, and motivation theories. P: BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5340 3 credits Management, Gender and Race
(Offered under BUSADMIN 5340 and WOMGENDR 5340) This course reviews the changing nature of management and explains why gender and race/ethnicity have become important considerations in business. It examines the status of women and people of color in managerial or administrative positions and discusses socialization processes, stereotypes, equal employment opportunity laws, illegal harassment, and power in organizations. Networking, mentoring, work/life balance, and career planning also are addressed.
BUSADMIN 5500 3 credits Employee Training and Development
Employee Training and Development is an upper-division course that examines the principles and practices of these two critical processes in a variety of organizational settings. The course presents a comprehensive overview of training and development topics. Throughout the course students acquire and then demonstrate a knowledge base in each of these areas. At the end of the course, students are prepared to conduct efficient and effective training and development programs within the Human Resource department of an organization.
BUSADMIN 5530 3 credits Organizational Behavior
Organization, in and of themselves, do not behave, the people within them do. This course will give students a comprehensive view of organizational theory and behavior by studying individual and group behaviors and how these interrelate with the organization's structure, systems, and goals.
BUSADMIN 5540 3 credits Quality Management
Provides an understanding of the tools, language, and techniques used in the field of Quality Management (QM). The history of the quality movement, major tenets of the field, theorists and their philosophies, and the use of basic tools of Quality Management will all be covered in this course. The course focus will be project-based in a team environment.
BUSADMIN 5620 3 credits Financial Management
An introduction to the finance function and financial management of the firm, including techniques of financial analysis, working capital management, capital budgeting, the acquisition and management of corporate capital, and dividend policy. Analysis of how the financial manager influences the decision-making process within the firm. P: One year undergraduate accounting or graduate equivalent or consent of instructor or department chair.
BUSADMIN 5650 3 credits International Financial Management
Global financial markets emerged in the late 1980s and 1990s. This course explores these new markets with an emphasis on the basics and from the perspective of the financial manager. Four basic topic areas to be covered are foundations of international financial management, world financial markets and institutions, financial management of the multinational firm, and managing the foreign exchange exposure of the firm. P: BUSADMIN 3620 (5620) or equivalent, or permission of the department chair.
BUSADMIN 5720 3 credits International Marketing
A conceptual focus on the breadth of the international marketing management area (i.e., problems, strategies and techniques), plus a survey background in such environmental factors as legal, cultural, economic, financial, and regional characteristics. The purpose is to prepare students and practicing business managers for successful operations in the world marketing environment of developing, industrial, and/or technological nations. P: A marketing course or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5740 3 credits Consumer Behavior
Consumer behavior reaches for a better understanding of the consumer buying process. It begins with an examination of basic, standard steps that consumers take while making a purchasing decision and moves into consumer motives based on various consumer cohorts. The marketing student after having studied consumer behavior will have a stronger appreciation for the basis of consumer needs and will be better prepared to serve them. P: Introductory marketing course or consent of instructor or department chair.
BUSADMIN 6100 3 credits Supply Chain Management
This course focuses on the principles and concepts of Supply Chain Management, as well as a review of the role of Supply Chain Management functions within an organization. Analytical and evaluative skills are developed through critical examination of theories, models, tools and techniques employed. Topics covered include Strategic Sourcing, Forecasting and Collaborative Planning, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Service Response Logistics. P: ECON 2410 or MATH 1830 or MATH 4030 or consent of instructor
BUSADMIN 6160 3 credits Purchasing Management
This course focuses on the managerial, administrative, strategic and tactical aspects of the purchasing function. Emphasis will be placed on the pertinent issues in purchasing management for both goods and services business sectors. The course will explore the managerial perspective of the core tasks and challenges required to effectively manage the purchasing function within the context of an integrated supply chain. P: BSAD 4100 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 6200 3 credits Employee Recruitment and Selection
This course provides students with an understanding of these two critical processes in a variety of organizational settings. Throughout the course, students acquire and then demonstrate a knowledge of base in each of these areas by completing various projects. At the end of the course, students are prepared to conduct efficient and effective recruiting and selection programs within the human resources department of organizations. P: BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor or department chair.
BUSADMIN 6330 3 credits Labor-Management Relations
Gives an overview of the process of labor relations, in which management deals with employees who are represented by a union. The history of major labor unions and primary labor laws and court cases are covered, along with the general structure and operational aspects of today's labor organizations. Union certification, collective bargaining, and dispute resolution are discussed in detail. Students also participate in a mock labor contract negotiation project and analyze sample grievances. P: BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor or department chair.
BUSADMIN 6630 3 credits Marketing Management
The determination of market policy; marketing administration and application of principles pertaining to management of marketing resources. P: Two marketing courses or consent of the instructor or department chair.
BUSADMIN 7110 3 credits Management Decision Analysis
A presentation of theory and application of quantitive decision methods used in the business setting. Topics include decision theory, linear programming, PERT/CPM, forecasting and inventory control. P: A statistics course or consent of the instructor.
BUSADMIN 7200 3 credits Strategic Thinking and Planning
(Final approval of this course was pending at the time of publication) Given the level of competitiveness and the pace of change today, leading change has become a core leadership competency, and the ability for organizations to learn, grow, adapt, and change has become a core organizational capability. In today’s rapidly shifting, global business environment, enterprises are facing profound change from multiple directions (the marketplace, competitors, advancing technologies, and growing client expectations). Furthermore, changes are increasing at an accelerating pace, just as most workers and teams are pressured to deliver performance faster, cheaper, and smarter. The dynamic enterprise enables its people to deliver high performance under complex business conditions - to turn chaos intro strategy, and strategy into action. P: BUSADMIN (Business Administration) 7330 - Introduction to Organizational Change Leadership.
BUSADMIN 7330 3 credits Organizational Change Leadership: Theory and Practice
This course provides an introduction to leadership theory and practice, both generally and specifically. Strategies for identifying and positively affecting the core of the organization will be discussed. Methods for adapting to and affecting change in interpersonal and group situations will be covered. P: Previous course covering leadership topics (e.g. - introduction to leadership, organizational behavior).
BUSADMIN 7540 3 credits Advanced Quality Management
This course focuses on achieving quality through continuos improvement of processes, customer satisfaction, and creation of a team environment. Emphasis on major tenets of the field, systems thinking, Hoshin planning, and data collection and analysis. P: BUSADMIN 3540/5540 Quality Management or consent of the instructor.