CRIMLJUS 6030 3 credits Criminal Law
A study of the principles, doctrines, and selected rules of criminal law; the sources of substantive criminal law and historical development of common law principles of criminal responsibility; constitutional constraints on the decision to define behavior as criminal.
CRIMLJUS 6130 3 credits Police Community Relations
Analysis of the interdependence of the police and community in maintaining order and controlling crime; theories of community and the community's role in the development of police systems; tension and conflict in police community interaction; programs and strategies for improving the quality of police-community relations.
CRIMLJUS 6330 3 credits Criminal Procedure and Evidence
A study of case law defining constitutional constraints on police behavior in the areas of arrest, search and seizure, interrogation, identification and investigation; rules on the exclusion of illegally seized evidence..
CRIMLJUS 6630 1-3 credits Current Topics in Criminal Justice
Current issues in criminal justice that may not warrant a permanent course. Course content will be announced each time the course is presented.
CRIMLJUS 6830 3 credits Psychopharmacology for AODA Counselors
The effects of nutrients, additives, and psychoactive drugs on criminal behavior; the process by which behavior is affected by these substances. This course fulfills part of the knowledge base for AODA counselor certification.
CRIMLJUS 6930 3 credits Criminal Justice Seminar
Discussion and evaluation of problems in the contemporary criminal justice system; individual research and presentation of findings.
CRIMJUS 7920 3 credits Seminar Paper Research
Based on individual interest and consultation with an advisor, the student will be required to write an advanced research paper on a specific topic; the independent empirical research should serve as a capstone to the student's educational experience and as a bridge to the student's future in the criminal justice field. P: CRIMLJUS 7030, CRIMLJUS 7130 or CRIMLJUS 7730, CRIMLJUS 7230, and CRIMLJUS 7330. (All master's programs: contact advisor for prior approval and registration instructions.)
CRIMJUS 7980 1-4 credits Independent Study in Criminal Justice
Students registering for independent study must submit, at or before registration, a description and timetable for completion, signed by the instructor supervising the independent study. The project must be above and beyond the student's traditional employment requirements. This is to be a graduate level experience, conducted with graduate rigor and culminating in a document of professional quality. The final report must describe and summarize the project in detail; wherever feasible, graphics, figures, data, and equations are to be included. (Contact advisor for prior approval and registration instructions.)
CRIMJUS 7990 3-6 credits Thesis Research
Completion and defense of a carefully delineated scholarly work advancing an original point of view as a result of research. The topic chosen must reflect the student's area of emphasis, and must be approved by a thesis committee. P: CRIMLJUS 7030, CRIMLJUS 7130, CRIMLJUS 7230, and CRIMLJUS 7330. (Contact advisor for prior approval and registration instructions.)