PROJMGT 7010 3 credits Project Management Techniques I
Issues surrounding project scope definition; plan development and execution; sequencing, scheduling, and controlling activities for timely completion of projects; and collection and dissemination of project-related information.
PROJMGT 7020 3 credits Project Management Techniques II
A sequence of project management topics regarding organizational planning, staff acquisition, and team development; quality planning, assurance and control; risk identification and control; and managing procurement of goods and services from outside the performing organization. P: PROJMGT 7010
PROJMGT 7030 3 credits Project Risk Management
Project Risk Management expands upon a subject introduced in the PROJMGT 7010 and PROJMGT 7020 Project Management courses, with an entire focus on the application of risk management concepts to projects and the project management environment. The risk management life cycle, from identification, assessment, response development, to control and closure, is taught using textbook, lecture and case study techniques. Throughout each phase of the risk management life cycle, various tools and techniques are taught which provide valuable practical means for the student to perform risk management on all projects from the smallest to the largest. Computer applications of techniques such as PERT and Monte Carlo simulation will also be addressed, thereby rounding out the course for today’s most complex business environments. P: PROJMGT 7010 and 7020 or consent of instructor or department chair.
PROJMGT 7040 3 credits Interpersonal Skills for Virtual and Co-Located Project Teams
People issues include client satisfaction, vendor satisfaction, team morale, and communication, encompassing how team members relate to one another and affect their cohesiveness and commitment. These, in turn, affect overall performance of the project team in delivering the project results. Topics include motivation approaches, roles of the project manager, interpersonal communications tools, team member performance, managing conflict, handling stress, and managing critical incidents. Related subjects include the linkage of people skills to the entire project life cycle; methods to handle people issues that may arise on virtual or co-located project teams; and resources available to sustain project human resource and communications needs. P: PROJMGT 7010 and PROJMGT 7020, or consent of instructor or department chair.
PROJMGT 7050 3 credits Project Procurement Management
Typically the more complex and challenging the project, the more work will be sent outside of the organization for performance. Project Procurement Management is one of the nine project management knowledge areas in the PMBOK®. This course covers issues surrounding procurement and solicitation planning, outsourcing and partnering, solicitation development, contract administration, and contract closeout from the vantage points of both the buyer and the seller. P: PROJMGT 7010 and PROJMGT 7020.
PROJMGT 7060 3 credits Advanced Tools and Techniques for Project Management
A practical and tangible, yet systematic way, to plan and control projects through consistent use and application of a repository of project management tools and techniques focusing on the desirability of repeatable process. Tools and techniques include those for project initiation and portfolio management, planning, and implementation and closure, in the context of the importance of project management to the competitive strategy of the enterprise. P: PROJMGT 7010 and PROJMGT 7020.
PROJMGT 7070 3 credits Program Management
Programs, and the projects and ongoing operations that make them up, are the means by which new products, services and processes are developed, operated, supported and enhanced. As a result, the ability to successfully manage programs is critical to overall performance and profitability. Topics include knowledge, skills & techniques to manage multiple projects or programs effectively within the organizational context, and the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to transition from a project manager to a program manager. P: PROJMGT 7010 PROJMGT 7020.
PROJMGT 7080 3 credits Project Scope Management
Project scope management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. Defining scope ensures the successful management of the other key project management areas, including time, cost, and quality, since it is the foundation upon which the schedule, the budget, the resource plan, and the overall project management plan, are prepared. Topics include scope management planning, scope definition, work breakdown structures, scope verification, and scope change control. P: COMMTCN 5800 or suit- able professional credential or consent of instructor or program director.
PROJMGT 7100 3 credits Legal Environment of Meetings
(NOTE: will first be offered summer 2011.) This course will introduce students to the federal, state, and local laws that most commonly impact the planning and managing of meetings and events as well as laws and legal issues facing business owners. Meetings industry contracts between meeting organizers and venues, vendors, and suppliers will be explored in depth. Case law and issues raised in trade press will be used to explore and illustrate legal issues in the areas of sale and service of alcohol, Americans with Disabilities Act, intellectual property, injury to attendees, damage to property, and more. The focus will be on U.S. laws, but laws of other countries will be introduced when pertinent and adjudication of international disputes will be dis- cussed in the case study context. P: PROJMGT 7010 PROJMGT 7020.
PROJMGT 7840 3 credits Project Management Capstone
This course draws on the business foundation and project management concepts, theories and techniques, specifically emphasizing the role of the project manager in implementing and accomplishing project plans and objectives. Students may draw on topics from their workplace or may choose from projects provided by companies in our local area requesting consulting services in developing feasibility studies and project proposals. Note that the ability to assign such a Ňreal worldÓ project de- pends on the availability of companies interested in such analyses at the time. P: PROJMGT 7010 and 7020 and all required foundation and core courses.
PROJMGT 7920 3 credits Seminar Paper Research
Based on individual interest and consultation with an advisor, the student will be required to write an advanced research paper on a specific topic; the independent empirical research should serve as a capstone to the student's education experience and as a bridge to the student' s future in the project management discipline P: all coursework toward the degree must be completed prior to registering for 7920.
PROJMGT 7940 1-3 credits Special Topics in Project Management
Designed to present to students specialized topics in the field of Project Management depending upon interest of students and approval of staff. P: PROJMGT 7010 and 7020 or consent of instructor or department chair.
PROJMGT 7980 1-4 credits Independent Study in Project Management
The amount of graduate credit allowed for independent study may not exceed a total of four credits except with the special permission of the student's advisor and the graduate dean. Approval must be secured from the department faculty member and the student's advisor before independent study courses are begun by completing a form available from program staff. This form must include a description of the subject to be covered and must be submitted before registration will be approved. P: PROJMGT 7010 and 7020 or consent of instructor or department chair.
PROJMGT 7990 3 credits Thesis Research
Completion and defense of a carefully delineated scholarly work advancing an original point of view as a result of research. The topic chosen must reflect the student’s area of emphasis, if any, and must be approved by a thesis committee. P: PROJMGT 7010, PROJMGT7020, BUSADMIN 7540, COMM 7330. If selected, this catalog course replaces the required core course PROJMGT 7840 Project Management Capstone. (Contact advisor for prior approval and registration instructions.)