WOMSTD 5330 2-3 credits Topics in Women's Studies
Selected topics in women's studies. The specific topic will vary each semester and will be announced in the class schedule. P: 3 credits in Women's Studies or permission of instructor.
WOMSTD 5340 3 credits Management, Gender, and Race
(Offered under BUSADMIN 5340 and WOMSTD 5340) This course reviews the changing nature of management and explains why gender and race/ethnicity have become important considerations in business. It examines the status of women and people of color in managerial or administrative positions and discusses socialization processes, stereotypes, equal employment opportunity laws, illegal harassment, and power in organizations. Networking, mentoring, work/life balance, and career planning are other topics that are addressed.
WOMSTD 5430 3 credits Women and the Arts
The focus is on the contributions of women in the areas of theater, dance, music, film, and the visual arts. In addition to classroom participation, the course includes attendance at live performances and presentations by guest lecturers.
WOMSTD 5520 3 credits American Women's History
(Offered under WOMSTD 5520 and HISTORY 5520.) A survey of changing patterns of domestic and family life, work, education, and public participation of American women from the colonial period to the present.
WOMSTD 5630 3 credits Ethnic and Gender Equity in Education
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5630, TEACHING 5630 and WOMSTD 5630.) Develops appreciation, understanding, and awareness of ethnic issues; such as ethnic, class, and gender issues in the educational process and in society. Considers equity issues through research, historical, philosophical, sociological, and psychological perspectives and the implications that each arena has on the lives of all of us.
WOMSTD 5730 3 credits Women and the Law
A study of women in their legal roles as wives and mothers, workers and students, criminals and victims of crime. The course examines how the law affects women's personal choices regarding marriage, having children, and aiming for high-level achievements in education and in work. The course also examines ways in which law affects women in poverty and in old age.
WOMSTD 5830 3 credits Black Women and Feminism in the United States
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5830 and WOMSTD 5830.) An interdisciplinary examination of the historical and contemporary relationship between black women in the United States and the feminist movement. Authors discussed will include Frances Harper, Ida Wells-Barnett, Bell Hooks, and Audre Lorde. P: ENGLISH 1130, ENGLISH 1230, and one of the following: WOMSTD 1130, any course in American history, SOCIOLGY 1200, SOCIOLGY 2330, any philosophy course, or permission of the instructor.
WOMSTD 6500 3 credits Women and Mythology: Goddess, Witch, Sybil
This survey course takes a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to numinous images of the feminine as they appear internationally. By exploring ancient, historical, and contemporary manifestations of goddess-centered mythology and religious practices around the world, we will broaden our understanding of women's contribution to the literary and spiritual traditions of many cultures. P: ENGLISH 1130, ENGLISH 1230. Alternate Fall.
WOMSTD 6730 1-3 credits Individual Research in Women's Studies
Advanced work on a scholarly subject or project, to be directed by a faculty member on the Women's Studies Program council. P: Consent of the instructor and approval by the director of women's studies.