ETHNSTDY 5230 3 credits Human Relations
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5230 and SOCIOLGY 5230.) A sociological analysis of selected aspects of human relations that are assumed to be socially structured and primarily group relations. The central focus is on relations between groups of people who are in unequal positions in society, based on the central dimensions of class, race/ethnicity and sex/gender.
ETHNSTDY 5410 3 credits Chicano Literature
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5410 and ENGLISH 5410.) An examination of representative texts from various Chicana/Chicano writers, covering a range of genres and generations. There will be an emphasis on the relationship between literary production and historical context, in particular, the involvement of the writers in the social and political conflicts affecting the Chicano community. P: ENGLISH 1130 and ENGLISH 1230. Experience writing analytical papers is necessary. Every S.
ETHNSTDY 5630 3 credits Ethnic and Gender Equity in Education
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5630, TEACHING 5630 and WOMSTD 5630.) Develops appreciation, understanding, and awareness of ethnic; such as ethnic, class, and gender issues in the educational process and in society. Considers equity issues through research, historical, philosophical, sociological, and psychological perspectives and the implications that each arena has on the lives of all of us.
ETHNSTDY 5720 3 credits Ethnic Rights and Politics
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5720 and POLISCI 5730.) Changing patterns of ethnic, gender, and race relations; legislative and judicial developments affecting civil rights; political movements; political, social, and economic discrimination; judicial system and legal protection for civil rights. Women and other minorities.
ETHNSTDY 5730 3 credits Black Literature in America
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5730 and ENGLISH 5730.) A survey of African-American literature beginning in the antebellum period and continuing to the present, including oral forms (folk tales and spirituals), novels, poetry, drama, autobiography, and other selected nonfiction. P: ENGLISH 1130 and ENGLISH 1230. Every S.
ETHNSTDY 5740 3 credits Asian American Literature
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5740 and ENGLISH 5740.) A survey of Asian-American literature beginning in the early 1900s and continuing to present times. Includes works of fiction, autobiography, poetry, and drama. Focuses on writers from different literary and oral traditions including (but not limited to) Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hmong, Vietnamese, and Indian, and examines the impact of family, culture, and gender both within these traditions and between a particular tradition and U.S. popular culture. P: ENGLISH 1130 and ENGLISH 1230. Every F.
ETHNSTDY 5750 3 credits American Literature of Ethnicity and Immigration
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5750 and ENGLISH 5750.) An examination of literature from a variety of U.S. "racial" and "ethnic" groups, including African-, Italian-, Mexican-, Jewish-, Asian-, and Native-American. Emphasis will be placed on the meanings of "race" and "ethnicity," the effects of immigration, and the impact of gender in this literature. P: ENGLISH 1130 and ENGLISH 1230. Every F.
ETHNSTDY 5760 3 credits Wisconsin Indian Literature
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5760 and ENGLISH 5760.) An exploration of Wisconsin Indian literatures from the oral tradition to the present; texts studied will include epics, legends, poetry, novels, and selected nonfiction, including such writers as Mountain Wolf Woman, Louise Erdrich, and Susan Power. P: ENGLISH 1130 and ENGLISH 1230. Every S.
ETHNSTDY 5830 3 credits Black Women and Feminism in the U.S.
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5830 and WOMSTD 5830.) An interdisciplinary examination of the historical and contemporary relationship between black women in the United States and the feminist movement. Authors discussed will include Frances Harper, Ida Wells-Barnett, Bell Hooks, and Audre Lorde. P: ENGLISH 1130, ENGLISH 1230, and one of the following: WOMSTD 1130, any course in American history, SOCIOLGY 1200, SOCIOLGY 2330, any philosophy course, or permission of the instructor.
ETHNSTDY 7980 1-4 credits Independent Study in Ethnic Studies
The amount of graduate credit allowed for independent study may not exceed a total of four credits except with the special permission of the student's advisor and the graduate dean. Approval must be secured before independent study courses arebegun. Students registering for independent study must submit at or before registration a description signed by the instructor conducting the independent study of the subject to be covered. Independent study may not be used for collecting information for the seminar paper.