POLISCI 5030 3 credits International Relations
The foundations for national power, the causes of conflict in world politics, and the efforts to deal with such conflicts particularly through international organizations.
POLISCI 5320 3 credits Congressional Politics
The powers, functions and processes of Congress; the role of political parties and pressure groups; and the relation of Congress to the other branches of government.
POLISCI 5330 3 credits American Political Parties and Elections
Elections and political parties as forces that mold public policy, elections and political campaigns.
POLISCI 5520 3 credits The Judicial Process
The American judicial process, trial and appellate courts as well as the role of the U.S. Supreme Court. A comparison of the Anglo-American judicial system with that of continental Europe.
POLISCI 5730 3 credits Ethnic Rights and Politics
(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5730 and POLISCI 5730.) Changing patterns of ethnic, gender, and race relations; legislative and judicial developments affecting civil rights; political movements; political, social, and economic discrimination; judicial system and legal protection for civil rights. Women and other minorities.
POLISCI 5830 3 credits Civil Liberties
Law and power and their abuses; law and power in relation to war on crime, deviance, freedom of religion, expression, and civil disobedience; criminal and civil cases; group action.
POLISCI 6420 3 credits Constitutional Law
Constitutional law and political process, judicial review, civil liberties, rights and responsibilities, the role of the Supreme Court in the educational environment and student rights.
POLISCI 6720 1-3 credits Study and Research in Political Science
Supervised individual or team study and investigation of a selected topic.
POLISCI 6760 1-3 credits Seminar in Selected Topics in Political Science
Presentation of a selected topic normally not of a permanent nature or suitable for a regular course. Besides regular class presentations by students and examinations, a term paper is required.