Sociology 5130 3 credits
Social Change

A broad overview of social and cultural change. Major theories of social change are presented and selected specific changes occurring in our society and in other cultures are examined.

Sociology 5230 3 credits
Human Relations

A sociological analysis of selected aspects of human relations that are assumed to be socially structured and primarily group relations. The central focus is on relations between groups of people who are in unequal positions in society, based on the central dimensions of class, race/ethnicity and sex/gender.

Sociology 5330 3 credits
Crime and Delinquency

A survey of the fields of criminology and juvenile delinquency. The course presents a sociological analysis of criminal and delinquent behavior, examines theory and empirical research on the topic, surveys the historical development of the present systems of dealing with criminals and delinquents, and considers current issues regarding crime and delinquency.

Sociology 5430 3 credits
Social Research

A survey of techniques of sociological research, including research design, data collection, and data analysis; stress on alternative types of research procedures and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Sociology 5630 3 credits
Sociology of the Family

The family as a social system with emphasis onculture, group processes, and institutions interacting with the nuclear and alternate types of family.

Sociology 5930 1-3 credits
Topics in Sociology

Designed to present to students specialized topics in the field of sociology; for example, the sociology of medicine, the sociology of aging, sociology and the future as shown through science fiction and other futuristic writings, and studies of utopias might be presented depending upon interest of students and competency and interest of staff. Topics will be announced ahead of time and student reaction will be elicited.

Sociology 6030 3 credits
Social Organizations

The organizations through which society sustains and perpetuates itself and its members; examination will range from the small group to the bureaucratic structure.

Sociology 7980 1-4 credits
Independent Study in Sociology

Study of a special topic and/or development of a special project under the supervision of a faculty member. P: consent of supervising instructor prior to registration.