Project Management 7010 3 credits
Project Management Techniques I

Issues surrounding project scope definition; plan development and execution; sequencing, scheduling, and controlling activities for timely completion of projects; and collection and dissemination of project-related information.

Project Management 7020 3 credits
Project Management Techniques II

A sequence of project management topics regarding organizational planning, staff acquisition, and team development; quality planning, assurance and control; risk identification and control; and managing procurement of goods and services from outside the performing organization. Prerequisite: Project Management 7010.

Project Management 7840 3 credits
Project Management Capstone

This course draws on the business foundation and project management concepts, theories and techniques, specifically emphasizing the role of the project manager in implementing and accomplishing project plans and objectives. Students may draw on topics from their workplace or may choose from projects provided by companies in our local area requesting consulting services in developing feasibility studies and project proposals. Note that the ability to assign such a "real world" project depends on the availability of companies interested in such analyses at the time.
Project Management 7940 1-3 credits
Special Topics in Project Management

Designed to present to students specialized topics in the field of Project Management depending upon interest of students and approval of staff.

Project Management 7980 1-4 credits
Independent Study in Project Management

The amount of graduate credit allowed for independent study may not exceed a total of four credits except with the special permission of the student's advisor and the graduate dean. Approval must be secured from the department faculty member and the student's advisor before independent study courses are begun by completing a form secured from the department. This form must include a description of the subject to be covered and must be submitted before registration will be approved.