Philosophy 5530 3 credits
Philosophy's Feminist Future: From Powerism to Personalism

With a focus on major representatives of philosophical thought, this course will examine ideas which can contribute to the development of a new kind of civilization rooted in a respect for persons. P: three credits in philosophy.

Philosophy 7010 3 credits
Philosophical Foundations of Education

(Offered under TEACHING 7010 and PHLSPHY 7010.) Critically examines five major visions of reality, human life, and lifeís meaning that underlie educational practice today, to equip and encourage students to bring greater intellectual integrity to their work as educators.

Philosophy 7980 1-4 credits
Independent Study

The amount of graduate credit allowed for independent study may not exceed a total of four credits except with the special permission of the studentís advisor and the graduate dean. Approval must be secured before independent study courses are begun. Students registering for independent study must submit at or before registration a description signed by the instructor conducting the independent study of the subject to be covered. Independent study may not be used for collecting information for the seminar paper.
Philosophy 7990 3-6 credits
Thesis Research