COMMNCTN 5010 3 credits Business Communication
Communication strategies and techniques used in business; practice in writing effective memos, letters and reports; oral communication skills developed in influencing group decisions and making presentations; employment correspondence and interviewing. P: ENGLISH 123 and SPEECH 1010 or 1250.
COMMNCTN 5100 1-3 credits Topics in Communication
Current topics discussed in this repeatable course vary each time the course is offered. Prerequisite: Consent of department chairperson.
COMMNCTN 5310 3 credits Advanced Photography
An introduction to color theory, composition, advanced darkroom practices, and electron photography. A working single lens reflex camera is required. P: COMMNCTN 1030 and 1930. F
COMMNCTN 5330 3 credits Digital Imaging
This course familiarizes students with the concepts and scientific principles common to commercial image creation. Emphasis will be placed on preparing imagery for print. P: COMMNCTN 1030, 1230, 1930.
COMMNCTN 5450 3 credits Web Site Development
An introduction to the development of web sites and web pages using HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Practice in the creation of web site structures, text, style sheets, graphics, sounds, animation and simple forms destined for publication on the World Wide Web. P: COMMNCTN 1030, 1040, 1090.
COMMNCTN 5560 3 credits Broadcast News
Theory and practice in broadcast news gathering and presentation. Writing, field acquisition of story elements, technical considerations and analysis of the news process and ethics. P: COMMNCTN 2030. Every two years.
COMMNCTN 5620 2 credits Documentary Photography
The content of this course is both theoretical and practical. Students will explore the act of photographing, utilizing the photographic image in narrative, documentary and editorial form. P: COMMNCTN 1930.
COMMNCTN 5630 3 credits Printing Processes
An in-depth examanation of a printing process. This course rotates topics and is repeatable. P: consent of instructor
COMMNCTN 5730 3 credits Project Writing & Reporting
Students will take the skills and experience gained in COMMNCTN 2030 and apply them to a significant, semester-long project that will be published in the student newspaper. Emphasis will be placed on developing a meaningful topic for a project, researching public records, conducting in-depth interviews and melding a series of articles into a coherent package. Working in groups and optimizing the talents of group members is vital to success in this course. P: COMMNCTN 2030. S
COMMNCTN 5800 3 credits Meeting & Event Management
This course explores the meetings industry, including association, corporation and government meetings. Students also examine conventions, trade shows, incentive travel and special events. F
COMMNCTN 5830 3 credits Editing for Print
Practice in writing and editing news copy, proofreading, page design, headline writing, and using wire copy. Examination of personnel and ethical problems editors face. P: COMMNCTN 2030.
COMMNCTN 5930 3 credits Communication Law
Legal rights and responsibilities of the media; case studies of libel, privacy invasion, contempt of court, and copyright. Comparison of legal and ethical rights. P: COMMNCTN 1630.
COMMNCTN 6130 3 credits Communication Technologies Management
Discussion and application of management theories and principles to communication technologies and mass media. Analysis of personnel, budget, sales, research, and regulation of communication technologies. P: BUSADMIN 2330.
COMMNCTN 6140 3 credits U.S. Investigative Journalism: 1963 - Present
Students will examine the role of investigative journalism in influencing cultural trends and political events since the Kennedy administration. Print journalism is the primary focus, but the rise of television journalism will be addressed. P: COMMNCTN 1630. Every two years.
COMMNCTN 6160 3 credits Commercial Photography
Introduction to the numerous ways photography is used in advertising, architecture, illustration, and training; use of medium format, large format, digital, and video cameras; copywork, retouching, and color slide processing. Prerequisite: Communication 1930.
COMMNCTN 6360 3 credits Public Relations Strategies
Application of the basic public relations principles and persuasive writing skills through the development of original PR campaigns, implementation and exploration of case studies. P: A “C” or better in COMMNCTN 2360 and COMMNCTN 3920.
COMMNCTN 6530 3 credits Printing Technologies
An in-depth investigation into traditional printing processes, this course develops better student understanding of both theory and pratice through laboratory experiences. P: COMMNCTN 1230. Every two years.
COMMNCTN 6730 3 credits Graphic Cost Analysis
This professional course introduces students to the essential management theories and price structures found in the graphic arts industry. P: COMMNCTN 1230. Every two years.
COMMNCTN 7330 3 credits Organizational Communication
Horizontal and vertical communication channels in education, industry, business, and society, as well as leadership, persuasion, rumor theory, and communication networks are examined.
COMMNCTN 7920 0-2 credits Seminar Paper Research
COMMNCTN 7980 1-4 credits Independent Study in Communication
The amount of graduate credit allowed for independent study may not exceed a total of four credits except with the special permission of the student’s advisor and the dean of the School of Graduate Studies. Approval must be secured before independent study courses are begun. Students registering for independent study must submit at or before registration a description signed by the instructor conducting the independent study of the subject to be covered. Independent study may not be used for collecting information for the seminar paper.
COMMNCTN 7990 3-6 credits Thesis Research