BUSADMIN 5030 3 credits Human Resource Management
An introduction to topics such as human resource planning, equal employment opportunity, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations. The impact of laws and of societal and business trends on human resource functions is also presented. Each manager’s role in dealing with human resources is emphasized.
BUSADMIN 5100 3 credits Compensation Management
An exploration of the discipline of compensation management. The processes of job analysis and job evaluation are discussed as methods to determine internal pay equity. Market wage surveys are presented as a means to ensure external equity. Wage scale development and various employee benefit options are discussed. Other topics include wage and benefit-related laws, performance appraisal, and motivation theories. P: BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5120 3 credits Retailing
A study of various types of retail institutions and their characteristics. The many kinds of retail ownership options, strategy mixes, locations, organizational formats, merchandise and inventory management techniques, and promotional policies are compared and evaluated. Cases reflecting a global perspective are included. P: BUSADMIN 2630, a course in marketing or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5130 3 credits Legal Environment of Business
This is a study of the legal and ethical environment of business and its effects on business decisions. The course includes the substantive areas of contract law, tort, criminal law, government regulation, employment law, consumer protection, antitrust, environmental law, and securities law. We will also examine the ethical implications of legal disputes in business.
BUSADMIN 5140 3 credits Managerial Law
The course is a continuation of BUSADMIN 5130, Legal Environment of Business. Course coverage includes property, wills, trusts, estates, agency, business organizations, secured transactions and bankruptcy, and commercial paper. P: BUSADMIN 5130 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5150 3 credits Principles of Real Estate
Classification and acquisition of property rights, types of estates in property, relation of landlord and tenancy, conveyancing, liens and mortgages, real estate brokerage. P: BUSADMIN 5130 or consent of the instructor.
BUSADMIN 5230 3 credits Small Business Management
This course acquaints the student with many aspects of owning and operating a small business. Topics covered include the characteristics of small business managers, planning and organizing for a new business or an ongoing business, staffing a business, producing and marketing a product or service, profit planning and control, security, and the specifics of developing a business plan.
BUSADMIN 5330 3 credits Labor Law
A study of legislative and judicial regulation of labor and management designed to familiarize the individual with the historical development of labor legislation, current legislation, NLRB rulings, court decisions, and current problems. P: BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5340 3 credits Management, Gender, and Race
This course reviews the changing nature of management and explains why gender and race/ethnicity have become important considerations in business. It examines the status of women and people of color in managerial or administrative positions and discusses socialization processes, stereotypes, equal employment opportunity laws, illegal harassment, and power in organizations. Networking, mentoring, work/life balance, and career planning also are addressed.
BUSADMIN 5430 3 credits Risk Management
This course covers the theory of risk and introduces the basic concepts of risk management. Special emphasis is placed on risk transfer to insurance companies. The course also introduces basic insurance concepts for both the individual and corporate consumers because risk management decisions presuppose a thorough understanding of the nature and functions of insurance.
BUSADMIN 5450 3 credits Personnel Practices Legislation
An analysis of employment relations legislation and its impact on areas of human resource management. Primary emphasis on employment discrimination laws and affirmative action, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, the Fair Labor Standards ACT, OSHA and ERISA. P: BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5530 3 credits Organizational Behavior
In-depth study of the development of organizational theory and behavior. Recent theory is discussed in relationship to management applications.
BUSADMIN 5540 3 credits Quality Management
Provides an understanding of the tools, language, and techniques used in the field of Total Quality Management (TQM). The history of the Quality movement, major tenets of the field, theorists and their philosophies, and the use of basic tools of TQM will all be covered in this course. The course focus will be project-based in a team environment.
BUSADMIN 5600 3 credits Government Regulations of Business
An examination of the impact of government agencies and regulatory legislation on the operation of commercial institutions in the United States. Content includes the social, political and economic rationale of government regulation with emphasis on administrative and antitrust law, regulatory theories and applications, and the historical foundations. P: ECONOMIC 2130, ECONOMIC 2230, BUSADMIN 5130 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5620 3 credits Financial Management
An introduction to the finance function and financial management of the firm, including techniques of financial analysis, working capital management, capital budgeting, the acquisition and management of corporate capital, and dividend policy. Analysis of how the financial manager influences the decision-making process within the firm. P: One year undergraduate accounting or graduate equivalent or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5630 3 credits Advertising
Advertising as a selling and communications tool, its place in the modern economy, its procedures, methods, and its development functions. P: A marketing course or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5640 3 credits Financial Systems Analysis
A macro-finance course that deals with the financial system of the United States. Major emphasis is placed on financial markets, financial institutions, financial assets, and their interaction within the financial system framework. The course also has a focus on the management and regulation of both markets and institutions. Web assignments are an integral part of this course. P: BUSADMIN 5620 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5650 3 credits International Financial Management
Global financial markets emerged in the late 1980s and 1990s. This course explores these new markets with an emphasis on the basics and from the perspective of the financial manager. Four basic topics areas to be covered are foundations of international financial management, world financial markets and institutions, financial management of the multinational firm, and managing the foreign exchange exposure of the firm. P: BUSADMIN 3620 (5620) or equivalent, or permission of the department chair.
BUSADMIN 5700 3 credits Marketing Research
Introduction to the research problem and the scientific method; research design and sources, evaluation of data, and presentation of research findings. P: A marketing and statistics course or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5720 3 credits International Marketing
A conceptual focus on the breadth of the international marketing management area (i.e., problems, strategies and techniques), plus a survey background in such environmental factors as legal, cultural, economic, financial, and regional characteristics. The purpose is to prepare students and practicing business managers for successful operations in the world marketing environment of developing, industrial, and/or technological nations. P: A marketing course or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5740 3 credits Consumer Behavior
This course strives for a better understanding of the consumer buying process. It begins with an examination of basic, standard steps that consumers take while making a purchasing decision and moves into consumer motives based on various consumer cohorts. After having studied consumer behavior, the marketing student will have a stronger appreciation of basic consumer needs and will be better prepared to serve them. P: introductory marketing course or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 5820 3 credits Professional Selling
A study of the principles, techniques, and practices involved in selling products, services, and ideas to final consumers and organizational buyers. The selling processes used by manufacturers, distributors, and direct marketers are considered. Changes in the selling environment due to global marketing and international sales are discussed. Several sales presentations are required.
BUSADMIN 5830 3 credits Sales Management
A study of the role of sales management in the total marketing structure examines the role of sales manager and how this role serves the sales department and the company. Recruiting, selection, training, motivation leadership, compensation plans, and sales forecasting are studied with focus on the administration of these functions. Evaluation and performance appraisal of the sales force are also included. The course considers the many aspects of international selling and training salesperson for global territories. P: A marketing course and BUSADMIN 5820.
BUSADMIN 5930 3 credits Investments
A contemporary study of investments with a focus on past and present investment decision making, sources of information, stock investing, modern portfolio theory, and mutual fund creation and selection. P: BUSADMIN 5620 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 6030 3 credits Financial Decision Making
An analysis of actual problems encountered by financial managers from major firms. This course utilizes the case study methodology and requires heavy usage of computer application skills, particularly spreadsheet skills. The goal is to identify the problem, analyze it, and finally make a well-justified recommendation to the firm. P: BUSADMIN 5620 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 6110 3 credits Management Science
An introduction to quantitative methods used in business. Introduction to decision theory, linear programming and its applications, network and scheduling models, computer software applications. P: Statistics course or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 6120 3 credits Operations Management
This course is concerned with the management of operations. It focuses on planning, organizing and controlling operations in industrial and service organizations, with emphasis on solving common operations problem and on quality amnagement. P: Statistics course or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 6130 3 credits Security Analysis
This course also could be called personal portfolio management. Emphasis is placed on common stock investing and portfolio construction. Security investigation and selection techniques using both fundamental and technical analysis are highlighted. Materials from financial publications, such as Baron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily and the World Wide Web are integrated throughout the course. P: BUSADMIN 5620 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 6200 3 credits Employee Recruitment and Selection
This course provides students with an understanding of these two critical processes in a variety of organizational settings. Throughout the course, students acquire and then demonstrate a knowledge of base in each of these areas by completing various projects. At the end of the course, students are prepared to conduct efficient and effective recruiting and selection programs within the human resources department of organizations. P: BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 6330 3 credits Labor-Management Relations
Gives an overview of the process of labor relations, in which management deals with employees who are represented by a union. The history of major labor unions and primary labor laws and court cases are covered, along with the general structure and operational aspects of today’s labor organizations. Union certification, collective bargaining, and dispute resolution are discussed in detail. Students also participate in a mock labor contract negotiation project and analyze sample grievances. P: BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor.
BUSADMIN 6630 3 credits Marketing Management
The determination of market policy; marketing administration and application of principles pertaining to management of marketing resources. P: Two marketing courses or consent of the instructor.
BUSADMIN 6840 3 credits Business Policy/Strategy
An introduction to strategic decision-making; integration of the functional organizational areas through analysis of case studies and related readings; development of external information scanning using resources such as Internet and business publications. P: ACCTING 3000, BUSADMIN 2330, BUSADMIN 2630, and BUSADMIN 3620.
BUSADMIN 6940 1-4 credits Special Problems
Supervised readings in specialized areas. P: Approval of the department chairperson. Appropriate forms must be filled out by students with approval of the instructor and the department chairperson.
BUSADMIN 6950 3 credits Special Topics
Specific contemporary or other business-related issues will be explored in depth. Topics vary.
BUSADMIN 7540 3 credits Advanced Quality Management
This course focuses on achieving quality through continuous improvement of processes, customer satisfaction, and creation of a team environment. Emphasis on major tenets of the field, systems thinking, Hoshin planning, and data collection and analysis. P: BUSADMIN 3540/5540 Quality Management.