Wisconsin Covenant Scholars- Confirmed Scholars

Information about Confirmed Wisconsin Covenant Scholars

  • Confirmed Scholars will receive a financial aid package based on their family's federally-defined financial need.
  • The Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant will be provided to confirmed Wisconsin Covenant Scholars for up to four years of college, provided they remain in Satisfactory Academic Progress each semester. Once the Wisconsin Covenant Scholarship is lost, it can not be obtained again.
  • Students with the greatest financial need will receive the Wisconsin Covenant Foundation Grant, in addition to the Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant.
  • The grants range from $250 - $2,500 per year.

    For more information, go to the Wisconsin Covenant Official Website.

If you have questions regarding your Wisconsin Covenant Grant,please contact the UW-Platteville Financial Aid Office at 608.342.1836.

Current College Students who are receiving the Wisconsin Covenant Scholarship award

In order to remain eligible for your Wisconsin Covenant Schoarlship award you must adhere to the following:

Stay Connected!

In an effort to connect Wisconsin Covenant Scholars with each other the Pioneer Academic and Transitional Help- PATH Center offers a variety of meetings throughout the semester. Events held are open to all Wisconsin Covenant Scholars. Upcoming events can be found on the UW-Platteville Wisconsin Covenant Facebook page and through regular emails and invitations.

Sample of Events held for Wisconsin Covenant Scholars:

  • Meet and Greet Welcome Celebration
  • Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Study Break
  • Monthly meetings
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship night
  • Community Service activities

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