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Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Tutoring Services to provide academic support in a welcoming, nonjudgmental and caring environment while promoting independent learning and improved academic skills.

Tutoring Services provides individual and drop-in tutoring in a variety of courses. Tutoring provides an opportunity for students to engage in collaborative learning conversations that will clarify course material, increase retention of course material, improve study habits and assist in achieving academic goals.

Outcomes of Tutoring:

  •   Throughout the tutoring process, students will
    • Improve comprehension of course material
    • Learn how to effectively use specific study and learning strategies
    • Become active, independent learners; and
    • develop positive attitudes about learning
  •  Through the tutoring process, tutors will
    • Reflect upon their role as a peer tutor
    • Improve communication skills
    • Develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they tutor
    • Develop professional skills through their experience as a peer tutor

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"[Tutor] has been a great tutor and has truly helped me understand some very difficult concepts in the class."

"[Tutor] was a great help in helping me understand chemistry. She gave me specific examples and ways to help me understand even outside of the tutoring. She was very helpful."

100% of respondents in the Spring 2016 Tutee Survey report improved understanding as a result of attending tutoring sessions.

56 of the 58 respondents in the Spring 2016 Tutee Survey would request a tutor again.


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