General Education Requirements Checklist

2014-2016 Core Curriculum/General Education Requirements

Entry Year Experience: 1 credit
Course Name Credits Semester obtained Grade

Choose one course as determined by academic major:

  • UWP STUDY 1010 Introduction to College Life
  • GEN ENG 1000 Engineering Success Skills (Engineering majors)
  • BIOLOGY 1020 BioQuest (Biology majors)
  • CHEMISTRY 1010 Intro to College Life for Chemistry Majors
  • AGBUS 1000 Professional Development I (Ag Business majors)



Competencies: 13-21 credits

English Composition (2 semesters)

  • ENGLISH 1130
  • ENGLISH 1230



Mathematics (1630 and higher) 3    
Speech 2    
Wellness (Fitness Assessment & Management) 1    
Physical Activity (or Marching Pioneers) 1    
Foreign Language * 0-8    
Humanities, Fine Arts, and History: 12 credits
Humanities (English Literature, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Foreign Languages, Social/Environmental Justice, Women's Studies) 3    
Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre) 3    
Historical Perspectives (History) 3    
Second Course - 2000-level or higher course in one of the same disciplines already chosen 3    
Social Sciences: 9 credits
Includes: Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geology, Geography, Media Studies, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Women's Studies
First Discipline 3    
Second Discipline 3    
Second Course - 2000-level or higher course in one of the same disciplines already chosen 3    
Natural Sciences: 8 credits
Includes: Biology, Chemistry, Physical Geography, Geology, Physics, or Physical Science. Labs required in both courses.
First discipline 4    
Second discipline 4    
International Education, Gender and Ethnic Studies: 9 credits
International Education 3    
Ethnic Studies 3    
Gender Studies 3    
* Two years of the same high school foreign language with a grade of "C" or better in the second year (two semesters) of the coursework fulfills requirement OR two semesters of the same foreign language at the college level.
  • Some courses may count for more than one category to fulfill university requirements.
  • Students must complete two Writing Emphasis (WE) courses at the 2000-level or higher.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 120 undergraduate credits, of which 42 credits at the 3000 level or higher, and a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA to meet graduation requirements.

Consult your academic catalog for Approved Course Listings.

General Education Requirements for Academic Catalogs Prior to 2014-2016 (pdf)

Core Curriculum/General Education Requirements for 2014-2016 Academic Catalog (pdf)

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