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The Department of Humanities at UW-Platteville offers the student an interdisciplinary field of study. As an academic field, the Humanities focus upon understanding the human condition through the contemplation and practice of the Liberal Arts. Students cannot major in the Humanities as such but only separately in English, Philosophy, and Foreign Languages. The purpose of the study of the humanities is to explore the diversity of human thought and experience.

Our programs challenge students to explore a diversity of approaches to learning and life. Complementary minors in these fields are also available for students who seek to add a concentration in the Humanities to any major they may have chosen. Humanities graduates primarily find jobs in business, government, free-lancing environments, communication and publishing, teaching, and other employment sectors. Many students choose a major in one of the Humanities programs in order to lay an excellent foundation for graduate school (M.A. and Ph.D.), including advanced degrees in English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy but also for law school, Communication Studies and careers in Student Services, profit organizations, and humanitarian sectors. (See Student Learning Outcomes)

Graduates with a degree in any of the Humanities programs will have the following abilities and competencies: